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Celebrating 5 and 25 years: Messages from our community

"Congratulations to Policy Press on its 25th Anniversary. Your commitment to Social Justice books and the authors who produce them make the Press a vital resource for scholar activists and teachers everywhere. Society for the Study of Social Problems is especially grateful for our partnership and look forward to publishing the Social Justice Agenda for many years to come."
Corey Dolgon, President, Society for the Study of Social Problems

“Congratulations on the double anniversaries. It’s wonderful to see the Press going from strength to strength to now be such a significant publisher.”  
Danny Dorling, University of Oxford

"Policy Press are publishing some of the most important work in the social sciences because their editorial process is both rigorous and kind-hearted. When I was an early career researcher and publishing my first and second books with them, my editors were enthusiastic, constructively critical and successfully shepherded me through the entire process from my initial proposals to book publication. Those experiences with Policy Press set the standard for me in terms of editorial relationships. Thank you Policy Press and Happy Anniversary!"
Akwugo Emejulu, University of Warwick 

“Since I began working with the exceptional group at Policy Press over 10 years ago, I have been continually impressed with their commitment to high-quality scholarship, and their goal of publishing books with real impact on public policy and the social sciences in general.  Congratulations on twenty-five years of important publishing, and best wishes for continuing the tradition alongside Bristol University Press!” 
Kurt Hettler, Ingram Academic sales team

"Many congratulations to Bristol University Press and Policy Press on reaching momentous milestones. Criminology has a home here, as evidenced by the publication list which is testament to their encouragement of critically-aware authors whose writing pushes the boundaries and makes an impact."
Helen Jones, Communications and Membership Coordinator, British Society of Criminology

"ESWRA thanks Policy Press for working closely together on the further development, practice and utilization of social work research to enhance the knowledge about individual and social problems and to promote just and equal societies."
Judith Metz, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and chair of ESWRA

"Happy Anniversary from Voluntary Sector Studies Network and thank you for your commitment to progressive scholarship. VSSN values our close and rewarding partnership with Bristol University Press and Policy Press in publishing Voluntary Sector Review. Without Bristol University Press/Policy Press the quality and scope of voluntary sector research in the UK and around the world would be much poorer."
James Rees, Jon Dean and Jane Cullingworth, VSSN

"I was, I gather, author of the first book to be published by Policy Press in 1995; and I subsequently published a second in 2005.  The Policy Press staff were in both cases remarkable in the care they took over the production, their marketing and publicity and their support for me as author.  Along with their journals, they have developed an unrivalled niche for social policy publications in the UK market and internationally."
Graham Room

"I have witnessed at close hand the transformation of The Policy Press from a department based producer of occasional papers in the 1990s to one of the most productive academic presses in the UK in the 2020s."
Randall Smith, Emeritus Professor, University of Bristol