Policy Press


Jul 19, 2017

Announcing the winners of our #DemocracyIs competition

Here are the 10 winning answers to our Twitter #DemocracyIs competition, all receiving a copy of Matt Flinders' exciting new book, What kind of democracy is this?

1. @RalphScenic 
#democracyis the life blood of humanity. Historians will write of the birth of democracy & birth of humanity as a simultaneous event.

2. @Richardp1490
#democracyis what we make of it, negative when fuelled by apathy, positive when fuelled by engagement. Participation determines the outcome.

3. @Kath_Atkinson
#DemocracyIs not black or white, there is always compromise. @policypress #win #giveaway

4. @1walshcRc 
#Democracyis a simply understood concept for some while also being a idea that's subject to debate and congestion by others.

5. @antjelewis 
#democracyis a resistance ultramarathon.

6. @DemocracyM
#DemocracyIs HL Mencken "Democracy is the art of running the circus from the monkey cage" + forget sponsors who feed monkeys. @policypress

7. @RobertMLowry
#DemocracyIs the unshackling of people’s talent only to be constrained by ignorance of #Groupthink and Cognitive Biases

8. @bennosaurus
#democracyis not just having a voice, but having power

9. @BruceRyan_rants
#DemocracyIs sanity, respect, hallmark of civilised polity, accepting no-one has a monopoly on right (or wrong), worth working for *always*!

#democracyis upholding freedom of speech even if you don't like the views of your opponent