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On our blogs

'Brexit won’t be over until it is over: reflecting on Theresa May’s strategy' by Janice Morphet, author of Beyond Brexit?

'Documenting media bias and lies' by Simon Wren-Lewis, author of The Lies We Were Told

'Brexit: 10 myths about the 'Norway model' examined' by John Erik Fossum and Hans Petter Graver, authors of Squaring the Circle on Brexit

'If not a hard Brexit, then what?' by Janice Morphet, author of Beyond Brexit?

'#EUfightback: staying hopeful and determined for a continent united in diversity' by Dimitris Ballas, Danny Dorling and Benjamin Hennig, co-authors of The human atlas of Europe

'Why Brexit will be bad for workers' by Tonia Novitz, from Futures of Work

From the European Journal of Politics and Gender

'Gender, ownership and engagement during the European Union referendum: gendered frames and the reproduction of binaries' Authors: Guerrina, Roberta; Exadaktylos, Theofanis; Guerra, Simona