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Bristol University Press Digital: Frequently Asked Questions

Bristol University Press journals and books content will move to a new platform on 10 May 2022. To understand how this change will impact you, please take a moment to review the list of FAQs below.

This FAQ includes
General information on Bristol University Press Digital
How to prepare for the journal migration
Administering your account and managing access

Other useful documents include our Journal Migration Checklist, URL Crosswalk, User Guides and updated KBART files.  

General information

Bristol University Press (home of Policy Press) has partnered with KGL/Pub Factory to redevelop and host Bristol University Press’s extensive collection of scholarly journals, books, and electronic collections in the social sciences.  The new platform will also host the new fully Open Access Global Social Challenges Journal.

Q: What are the benefits of the new platform? 

Bristol University Press Digital brings together all our journal and book content in one place for the first time to aid research discovery.  It is tagged in multiple ways including by global social challenges themes and the SDGs to assist with browsing and curation.  Customers can purchase subject-focused ebook collections as well as journals.

MARC Records

The new platform will enable you to download MARC records for all published titles your institution has access to with the click of a single button (NB - will include records for open access titles).


Bristol University Press Digital will provide KBART files in order to help you enable your users to find the most relevant journals and books to which your library has full-text access.

Q: Where and when can I access the new platform?

Our books and journals will be hosted at bristoluniversitypressdigital.com. The site will be available to users on 10 May 2022. 

Q: What do I need to do right now? 

If your institution subscribes to our journals, we suggest you complete the actions detailed in the pre-launch section of the Journal Migration Check List.  

Q: Who can I contact if I have a question about the impact on my library?  

All queries should be directed to bup-digital@bristol.ac.uk.

Preparing for the journal migration

Q: Will the content redirect to Bristol University Press?

Yes, there will be article-level redirects from Ingenta Connect to Bristol University Press Digital until 31 May. All of our legacy content and usage will be deleted from Ingenta Connect after this date. Please ensure that you have updated your systems with the new URLs by 31 May. 

Q: Do I need to update my IP manually on the new platform? 

Your IP addresses will be transferred from Ingenta Connect. Once the platform has launched, you should check your IP range in the Access Management System and send any changes to bup-digital@bristol.ac.uk

Please note that Turpin Distribution is our version of record for the IP addresses. Any changes made to the IP address in the Access Management System will revert to the IP range held in Turpin in the next renewal cycle. To avoid this please send your IP updates to bup-digital@bristol.ac.uk.

Q: Will there be any impact on usage reports? 

Legacy usage reports will be available on Ingenta Connect until 31 May. This includes the usage for April 2022. These reports will not be available on Bristol University Press Digital, so we strongly advise you to download all legacy usage reports before this deadline.   

 Q: Will there be any changes to DOIs? Will the DOI registry be updated to reflect new URLs? 

The DOIs for journal articles will not change. The DOI registry will be updated to reflect the new URLs on Bristol University Press Digital.  

Q: How does the move to a new platform impact linking from reading lists, bookmarked links etc.?

Redirects from Ingenta Connect to Bristol University Press Digital will be in place until 31 May. During this time you will need to update your systems with our new URLs for individual journals, issues and non-DOI links to individual articles. We have created a URL crosswalk document showing how the current URLs will transfer to the new Bristol University Press Digital URLs: Download our URL crosswalk.  

The linking syntax for the site URLs is as follows; always starts with the site domain https://bristoluniveristy pressdigital.com and then add: 

  1. Article = /doi/DOI-prefix/DOI-suffix - e.g. /doi/10.1332/12345678
  2. Issue = /view/journals/abcd/Vol#/Iss#/abcd.Vol#.issue-#.xml - where abcd represents the journal-id and Vol# and Iss# are replaced with numerals
  3. Journal = /view/journals/abcd/abcd-overview.xml - where abcd represents the journal-id
  4. Chapter = /doi/DOI-prefix/DOI-suffix - e.g. /doi/10.51952/12345678
  5. Book = /doi/DOI-prefix/DOI-suffix - e.g. /doi/10.51952/12345678

Article DOIs will automatically redirect to the new platform.  

Q: When is the earliest we can switch the links to the new URL structure? 

10 May 2022 is the earliest date you can switch to the new URL Structure. 

Redirects from Ingenta Connect to Bristol University Press Digital will be in place until 31 May. The content and legacy usage will deleted after the 31 May. Please ensure that you have updated your systems by 31 May. 

To avoid disruption, we will grant all subscribers free access to all of our journals until 6 June. 

DOIs will be redirected to Bristol University Press Digital. 

Q: When will the KBART files be updated? Where can I find them? 

Download the updated KBART files.

Q: How will discovery services be affected? 

Arrangements are being made with library technology vendors (including EBSCO, OCLC and Proquest) to ensure new URLs are in relevant knowledge bases as soon as possible after the platform goes live. 

Q: Which 3rd parties have you communicated with to inform them of the platform move?  

We have informed EBSCO Discovery Service, EBSCO Knowledge Base, ProQuest Exlibris CDI, OCLC, and WorldCat Discovery.

We have also announced the new platform to the following eBook aggregators JSTOR, ProQuest, EBSCO, Cambridge Core, Oxford University Press Scholarship Online (PPSO), Project Muse and IGroup. Our eBook content will continue to be available with these platforms.

We will have new integrations with TrendMD, Altmetric and Dimensions ready for launch. 

Q: Will my institution have access to both platforms simultaneously?

Redirects from Ingenta Connect to Bristol University Press Digital will be in place until 31 May. You will also be able to access legacy usage until 31 May. Please note that any content published after 10 May will only be available on Bristol University Press Digital. 

Q: What do I do if my library loses access during the transition?

Please contact bup-digital@bristol.ac.uk. Our customer service team will resolve the issue as quickly as possible. 

Administering my account and managing access

Q: Will my platform administrator username and password change?

Yes. We will be contacting library account administrators with instructions on signing in and updating your account.

Q: I am an account administrator for an institution. Where do I administer my account and what things can I manage?

Accounts can be administered through the Access Management System. We will send you login details nearer the launch. The Access Management System will allow you to manage:   

  • Library logo and URL
  • OpenURL Information
  • Shibboleth entity IDs and attributes, if available
  • Activate the request my librarian feature
  • Add users with limited permissions
  • Usage (COUNTER) reports from May 2022 onwards (legacy usage reports should be downloaded from Ingenta Connect before 31 May.)

If you would like to update your primary contact details or IP range, please contact bup-digital@bristol.ac.uk

Q: Which authentication methods will be supported on Bristol University Press Digital?

We support IP-based authentication, including EZproxy, and SAML (Shibboleth). 

After launch, you will be given access to the Access Management System. Please check your IP addresses are correct. You will also need to add your Shibboleth credentials and register your EZproxy IP address(es).

We have a new proxy setting for Bristol University Press Digital. See full details.Our proxy settings are: 

Title Bristol University Press Digital (updated 20220502)
HTTPHeader -request -process X-Requested-With
URL https://bristoluniversitypressdigital.com/
HJ www.bristoluniversitypressdigital.com
HJ bristoluniversitypressdigital.com
HJ https://bristoluniversitypressdigital.com
HJ https://ams.bristoluniversitypressdigital.com
HJ ams.bristoluniversitypressdigital.com
DJ bristoluniversitypressdigital.com

Please ensure that you add the Bristol University Press stanza to your EZproxy service.

Q: How do I set up Open URL Bristol University Press Digital?

You can set up Open URL via the Access Management System. We will provide a user guide before launch. 

Q: Will my usage statistics continue to be COUNTER compliant? 

Yes. Bristol University Press Digital offers the full range of COUNTER5 usage reports. These can be downloaded from the Access Management System. The first report Reports will be available from 10 June 2022. 

Q: Does Bristol University Press Digital support harvesting Standardised Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative (SUSHI) Data?

Yes, you can set up SUSHI harvesting via our Access Management System. Our user guide (coming soon) will include instructions on how to do this.

Q: Will you honour the perpetual rights to previous subscriptions on Ingenta Connect?

Yes, we will continue to offer perpetual access rights to volumes published during your subscription period. 

Q: Will there be any impact on institutional trials? 

Free trials will be unavailable on Ingenta Connect from 1 April 2022.

Three month institutional free trials for all of our journals will be available on Bristol University Press Digital from 1 June. We will also offer 30-day trials for the entire Bristol University Press Digital Platform.