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Challenge-Led Research Practices: articles from our journals

Evidence and Policy - Special Issue: Co-Creative Approaches to Knowledge Production and Implementation

Going on a statewide listening tour: involving education leaders in the process of research to enhance the practical value of qualitative research
Authors: Rebecca G Kaplan, Robbin Riedy, Katie Van Horne and William Penuel

Reflections on the Researcher-in-Residence model co-producing knowledge for action in an Integrated Care Organisation: a mixed methods case study using an impact survey and field notes
Authors: Catherine Durose, Catherine Needham, Catherine Mangan and James Rees

The politics of co-production: risks, limits and pollution
Authors: Matthew Flinders, Matthew Wood and Malaika Cunningham

Co-producing knowledge: Reflections on the venefits and challenges of researching in partnership with voluntary sector organisations
Authors: Eddy Hogg, Irene Hardill and John Ramsey

In what ways can an age-friendly approach to co-production transfer power to participants?  Translating ideology into practice
Author: Anna Goulding

Using collaborative conceptual modelling as a tool for transdisciplinarity
Authors: Kate Neely, Martin Bortz and Sara Bice

Building the Concept of Research Literacy
Authors: Julie Bayley and David Phipps

Measuring research impact: Developing Practical and Cost-Effective Approaches
Authors: John Canavan, Aisling Gillen and Aileen Shaw

The invisible made visible: Using Impact Evaluations to illuminate and inform the role of knowledge intermediaries
Authors: Laura Meagher and Catherine Lyall

A recipe for impact? Exploring knowledge requirements in the UK Parliament and Beyond
Authors: Marc Geddes, Katarine Dommett and Brenton Prosser

How practitioner-led research cound have greater impact: the importance of considering knowledge mobilisation holistically
Authors: Claire Lightowler, Catherine-Rose Stocks-Rankin and Heather Wilkinson

A collaboative approach to defining the usefulness of impact: Lessons from a knowledge exchange project involving academics and social work practitioners
Authors: Heather Wilkinson, Michael Gallagher and Mark Smith