Chiara Saraceno

Chiara Saraceno, former Professor at the University of Turin and at the Institute for Social Research in Berlin, is presently Honorary Fellow at the Collegio Carlo Alberto, Turin.


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Poverty in Italy

Features and Drivers in a European Perspective

Three leading sociologists examine Italy’s regime of poverty and the frequently misunderstood context of familialism in this in-depth study. With analysis of poverty’s roots and development and modern trends including the migrant ‘new poor’, it adds European perspectives for a better understanding of a persistent crisis.

Policy Press

Social assistance dynamics in Europe

National and local poverty regimes

Edited by Chiara Saraceno

Describing social assistance 'careers' in different national and urban contexts, this innovative book documents the strong interplay between personal biographies and policy patterns - a particularly useful perspective which complements the more structural, top-down approach of much international work in social policy.

Policy Press