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Climate action

This climate action theme brings together work that includes practical steps we can all take, individually, organisationally and institutionally to make positive steps towards addressing climate change.

This complements our Climate change, energy and sustainability global social challenge which provides a solid foundation for international and domestic policies around global warming, to support building impactful democratic solutions. 

Bristol University Press and Policy Press are signed up to the UN SDG Publishers Compact. In this cross-cutting theme, we aim to address the following goal:

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Achieving Environmental Justice

A Cross-National Analysis

This optimistic and accessible book contributes to our understanding of the factors that shape environmental justice outcomes by assessing the extent of, and reasons for, environmental justice/injustice in seven diverse countries.

Policy Press

Organising Waste in the City

International Perspectives on Narratives and Practices

Organising waste in the city takes a broad and international approach to the ways in which the issue of waste is framed, and brings together narratives from cities as diverse as Amsterdam, Bristol, Cairo, Gothenburg, Helsingborg and Managua.

Policy Press

Mapping Environmental Sustainability

Reflecting on Systemic Practices for Participatory Research

Edited by Sue Oreszczyn and Andy Lane

Mapping environmental sustainability explains the development of visual mapping techniques with practical case studies that describe their application in environmental sustainability projects, from working with farmers and their networks to using visual mapping with indigenous communities and managing coastal environments.

Policy Press

Towards Just and Sustainable Economies

The Social and Solidarity Economy North and South

Academics from a range of disciplines and from a number of European and Latin American countries come together to question what it means to have a ‘sustainable society’ and to ask what role alternative social and solidarity economies can play.

Policy Press

Studying Public Policy

An International Approach

Edited by Michael Hill

This is the first book to explore the public policy process through 19 contributions from diverse scholars from all over the world, using empirical material to demonstrate how many of the key theories and concepts may be applied to its analysis.

Policy Press

Gendering Green Criminology

The first volume in green criminology devoted to gender, this book investigates gendered patterns to offending, victimisation and environmental harms. The collection advances debate on green crimes and climate change and will inspire students and researchers to foreground gender in reducing the challenges affecting our planet’s future.

Bristol Uni Press

Rural Criminology in Global Perspective

State of the Art on the World's Continents

This edited collection crosses international boundaries to highlight rural criminological issues, offering research on rural crime, justice and security from the seven continents with a macroscopic perspective on issues of international concern.

Bristol Uni Press
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Calibrating Colonial Crime

Reparations and The Crime of Unjust Enrichment

Examining the harmful effects of colonisation, this book highlights the law's crucial role in driving real change. Eminent scholar Joshua Castellino proposes a five-point strategy to create a fairer system through innovative reparations and heal our planet.

Bristol Uni Press
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The Production of Everyday Life in Eco-Conscious Households

Compromise, Conflict, Complicity

Drawing on qualitative fieldwork, this book sheds much-needed light on how sustainability-oriented households balance priorities and get things done in day-to-day life, offering crucial insights about eco-conscious living at an individual level.

Bristol Uni Press

Planetary Justice

Stories and Studies of Action, Resistance, and Solidarity

This accessible book features the diverse voices of scholars and activists working towards climate justice. The collection explores the politics and practices of moving towards solidarity and flourishing in the face of climate change, biodiversity loss and extinction.

Bristol Uni Press
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Inhabitation in Nature

Houses, People and Practices

Rejecting the assumption that housing and cities are separate from nature, David Clapham advances a new research framework that integrates housing with the rest of the natural world. Demonstrating the impact of housing on the non-human environment, the book considers the future direction of inhabitation policies on climate change and biodiversity.

Policy Press

Sustainable Human Development Across the Life Course

Evidence from Longitudinal Research

Edited by Prerna Banati

EPDF and EPUB available Open Access under CC-BY-NC licence. This book presents impactful findings from international longitudinal studies that responded to the Agenda 2030 commitment to “leave no-one behind”.It provides actionable strategies for policy makers and practitioners to strengthen the global Sustainable Development Goals framework.

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