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The Agri-Food System in Question

Innovations, Contestations and New Global Players

Investigating climate-controlled agriculture and alternatives to animal proteins, John Wilkinson shows that trade and investment in agrifood is reorienting to the Global South. He skilfully illustrates the connections between social movements and technological innovation – and the need for consumer acceptance of new food habits.

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Urban Informality

An Introduction

This book provides an introductory overview to the concept of ‘urban informality’, taking an international perspective across the global North and South. It explores theoretical understandings of the term, and looks at how it affects ways of living, such as land use, housing and basic services, working lives and political informality.

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Decolonizing Development

Food, Heritage and Trade in Post-Authoritarian Environments

Combining an analysis of political economy and ecocultural heritage, this book examines post-Soviet Latvia and post-apartheid South Africa in an unusual comparative study of post-authoritarian efforts to decolonize production and trade.

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Disasters in the Philippines

Before and After Haiyan

Bringing together the voices of local scholars, this book examines disasters in the Asia-Pacific region. Through its analysis, the book demonstrates the scopes, inequities and inefficiencies of policies and responses, as well as forms of empowerment and resilience, in meeting challenges in disaster-afflicted communities in the Philippines.

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Retail Ruins

The Ghosts of Post-Industrial Spectacle

In the context of widespread precarity and ongoing crises, ruins have captured much attention in recent years. This book is about a troubling new kind of space for consumer society: the retail ruin. Drawing on the author’s own fieldnotes and photographs, this book takes a hauntological approach to these ‘new’ ruins in the urban landscape.

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COVID-19, the Global South and the Pandemic’s Development Impact

EPDF and EPUB available Open Access under CC-BY-NC-ND licence. This book examines the unique implications of the pandemic in the Global South. With international contributors from a variety of disciplines, it investigates the pandemic’s effects on development, medicine, gender (in)equality and human rights among other issues.

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The Rise of the Infrastructure State

How US–China Rivalry Shapes Politics and Place Worldwide

Wide-ranging and even-handed, this book offers a fresh interpretation of the territorial logic of US-China rivalry, and explores what it means for countries across Eurasia, Africa, and Latin America.

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The Short Guide to International Development

By providing a succinct evaluation of competing approaches to, and perspectives on, the idea and practice of international development, this book offers students across the social sciences a distinct and invaluable introduction to the field.

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Refugees, Self-Reliance, Development

A Critical History

With five case studies from Greece, Tanzania, Pakistan, Uganda, and Egypt, this book tracks refugee self-reliance as a malleable concept used to pursue ulterior interests. It reshapes understandings of refugee self-reliance and delivers important messages for contemporary policymaking.

Bristol Uni Press

Secondary Cities

Exploring Uneven Development in Dynamic Urban Regions of the Global North

This book explores cities and intra-regional relational dynamics to challenge common representations of urban development ‘success’ and ‘failure’. It provides innovative alternative relations and development strategies that reimagine the subordinate status of secondary cities.

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COVID-19 in the Global South

Impacts and Responses

Bringing together a range of experts across various sectors, this important volume explores some of the key issues that have arisen in the Global South with the COVID-19 pandemic and offers vital insights into how they can be mitigated in some of the most challenging socio-economic contexts worldwide.

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Doing Fieldwork in Areas of International Intervention

A Guide to Research in Violent and Closed Contexts

Using insights from those with first-hand experience of conducting research in areas of international intervention and conflict across the world, this book provides essential practical guidance, discussion of mistakes, key reflections and raises important questions for researchers and students embarking on fieldwork in violent and closed contexts.

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