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All of our journals engage with issues of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and for several journals, such as the European Journal of Politics and Gender, Critical and Radical Social Work or the Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, these values are at the very heart of their publishing agendas. 

We also encourage EDI in the composition of our editorial boards, our editorial practices, and in the accessibility of our publications.

In order to ensure that the research in our journals is accessible, we have partnered with Research4life. Research4Life provides free or low cost online access to our journals in developing countries. We also offer free and discounted Open Access publishing to first authors from developing countries.

In addition, we provide free access to many of our journal articles and particular sections of journals, focusing particularly on research that has implications and recommendations for policy-makers and practitioners, e.g. the Journal of Poverty and Social Justice's 'Policy and Practice' section, Critical and Radical Social Work's 'Voices from the Frontline' or the International Journal of Care and Caring's 'Debates and Issues'

We welcome feedback and ideas to further improve our practices.

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