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Commitment to our staff

We aspire to be a fully inclusive team, and value diversity of thought, belief and background.

We encourage team members to engage with social challenges through cross-team collaborations that shape our policies like our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Group and our Sustainability Group, and through volunteering and fundraising for our annual charity.

Staff recruitment

We work with organisations to ensure our staff recruitment reflects our EDI mission and values, including:

Creative Access, a social enterprise focussing on diverse recruitment and inclusion.

Babbasa Mentoring Scheme, a Bristol-based mentoring scheme for students (16-25) from underprivileged backgrounds.

We offer flexible working for staff members with and without children and provide EDI training and resources via the University of Bristol.

Commitment to our staff

A key element of our EDI policy is our commitment to our staff to ensure they are able to thrive and grow within BUP and are supported to do so. 

  • We will further enhance our ability to attract the very best staff by continuing to improve our recruitment and selection activities, including the use of a blind selection process and campaign approaches where appropriate. 

  • We will nurture individual excellence and unlock potential by reviewing personal development and performance management process and maintain our emphasis on leadership and management development. 

  • We will increase diversity within our staff population through a range of measures including ensuring gender diversity on all interview panels, openly advertising all senior posts and salary grade bands and encouraging applicants from diverse groups, such as members of the LGBTQIA+ and ethnically-diverse communities.  

  • We will continue to find new ways to ensure high-quality two-way communication with staff and make sure appropriate mechanisms are in place for staff to feed into decision making.  

  • We will empower our staff to operate effectively through a lean and agile approach to governance and management that enables them to fulfil their roles and provide effective, transparent and accountable decision making.

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