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International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

The collection of articles below is to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (25 November).

Recent research articles have been selected from the Journal of Gender-Based ViolenceFamilies, Relationships and SocietiesEvidence & Policy, and Critical and Radical Social Work which all offer free trials to libraries. Please recommend the journals to your library to gain regular access to content from these journals.

Journal of Gender-Based Violence

Reframing agency in abusive contexts: beyond 'free choice' and 'open resistance'

Segmented journeys, fragmented lives: women's forced migration to escape domestic violence

Measuring violence to end violence: mainstreaming gender 

In search of justice and care: how women survivors of violence navigate the Indian criminal justice system 

‘Do I score points if I say “no”?’: Negotiating sexual boundaries in a changing normative landscape

'Home game': domestic abuse and football

‘Stop asking me ‘what about men?’

Sexual violence while studying abroad: a critical, collagist personal testimony

Families, Relationships and Societies
Special issue on Violence against women and childeren in diverse contexts:

Introduction to Special Issue on 'Violence Against Women and Children in Diverse Contexts' 

Rape within heterosexual intimate relationships in Iran: legal frameworks, cultural and structural violence 

Memorable life events and disclosure of child sexual abuse: possibilities and challenges across diverse contexts 

Domestic abuse and women with 'no recourse to public funds': the state's role in shaping and reinforcing coercive control 

Trust and mistrust in the lives of forcibly displaced women and children 

Researching violence with children: experiences and lessons from the UK and South Africa 

Gendered discourse in the South African Police Service talk and text of domestic violence 

Research ethics in practice: lessons from studies exploring interpersonal violence in different contexts 

'If this isn't for my children, who is it for?' Exploring experiences of structural violence among migrant mothers who sell sex in Johannesburg 

Group work: a powerful site of resistance for migrant women experiencing gender-based violence 

Beyond the single story: creative research approaches with migrant sex workers in South Africa 

Evidence & Policy

Translating research about domestic and family violence into practice in Australia: possibilities and prospects

Critical and Radical Social Work

Improving access to sexual violence support for marginalised individuals: findings from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* and the black and minority ethnic communities

The 'troubled' case of Rotherham

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