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Europe in crisis

Crises in Contemporary European Politics

While in the UK and Europe Brexit is at the forefront of the news and 'Brexhaustion' is rife, we want to help our readers take a broader view to consider the multiple challenges and crises facing Europe, including the rise of nationalism, migration, economic disparity and populist governments.

This is about remembering that Brexit is only one part of a larger and interconnected series of crises that are playing out across the continent.

This collection of journal articles, which is free to read until 31 March 2019, includes an issue of Global Discourse which takes a transdisciplinary approach to the crisis of European integration and identity, exploring the conceptual, political and physical Limits of 'EUrope'.

It includes a recent special issue of the European Journal of Politics and Gender which interrogates the gender, sexuality and intersectionality crises occurring in contemporary European politics, as well as a themed collection of articles from Policy & Politics that help make sense of the crises in governance, policy and politics at the continental, national and local levels that have been brewing in Europe for some time.

Global Discourse

(Re-)Introduction to the journal 
Author: Johnson, Matthew

The limits of EUrope
Authors: Foster, Russell; Grzymski, Jan

De-europeanisation After Brexit: Narrowing and Shallowing
Author: Outhwaite, William

Theorising the EU in crisis: de-Europeanisation as disintegration 
Author: Rosamond, Ben

Reply: What are the driving forces of disintegration? A response to Rosamond and Outhwaite 
Author: Meyer, Christoph O.

Reply: Comments on Rosamond and Outhwaite: European disintegration
Author: Vimont, Pierre

Reply: How Not to Talk About Europe
Author: Callinicos, Alex

Reply: Response to William Outhwaite 
Author: Spence, David

'Cry God for Harry, England, and Saint George': Europe and the Limits of Integrating Identity 
Author: Russell Foster

Reply: Response to Russell Foster 
Author: Mills, John

What does self-determination mean today? The resurgence of nationalism and European integration in question
Author: Delanty, Gerard

Reply: Comments on Gerard Delanty's Article 'What Does Self-Determination Mean Today? The Resurgence of Nationalism and European Integration in Question'
Author: Casale, Roger

Victimhood as victory: The role of memory politics in the process of de-Europeanisation in East-Central Europe
Author: Vermeersch, Peter

Reply: Response to 'Victimhood as Victory' 
Author: Grau i Segú, Martí

Seeing Like a European Border: Limits of the European Borders and Space 
Author: Grzymski, Jan

Reply: Reflections on Borders, Boundaries and the Limits of Europe 
Author: Schumacher, Tobias

Brexit: a requiem for the post-national society?
Author: Favell, Adrian

Reply: Can a post-national vision better tackle racial discrimination than a national one? Response to Adrian Favell: 'Brexit: a requiem for a post-national society?' 
Author: Khan, Omar

Migration, solidarity and the limits of Europe
Authors: Tazzioli, Martina; Walters, William

Reply: Response to 'Migration, Solidarity and the Limits of Europe' by Martina Tazzioli and William Walters
Author: Fekete, Liz

Entering the 'post-shame era': the rise of illiberal democracy, populism and neo-authoritarianism in EUrope
Author: Wodak, Ruth

Reply: Response to Ruth Wodak's Paper 
Authors: Grabbe, Heather; Aktoudianakis, Andreas

Opportunistic legitimisation and de-Europeanisation as a reverse effect of Europeanisation
Author: Domaradzki, Spasimir

Reply: Comments on 'Opportunistic legitimisationzation and de-Europeanisation as a Reverse effect of Europeanisation', by Spasimir Domaradzk
Author: Stanchev, Krassen

Is homo oeconomicus an extinct species, and does it matter for EUropean integration? Attitudes towards free trade and populism
Author: Gawroska-Nowak, Bogna

Reply: The decline of 'homo oeconomicus' and the crisis of liberal EUropean integration: a response to Bogna GawroĊ„ska-Nowak
Author: Reho, Federico Ottavio

A technical fix to the euro's original sin? Review of Ashoka Mody's EuroTragedy: A drama in nine acts 
Author: de Ville, Ferdi

European Journal of Politics and Gender

Contemporary crises in European politics: gender equality+ under threat
Authors: Ahrens, Petra; Celis, Karen; Childs, Sarah; Engeli, Isabelle; Evans, Elizabeth; Mügge, Liza

Gender in the crisis and remaking of Europe: re-gendering subsidiarity 
Author: Walby, Sylvia

The fight of the Religious Right in Europe: old whines in new bottles 
Author: Mos, Martijn

Rejecting the West? Homonegative attitudes and political orientations in contemporary Eastern Europe 
Authors: Bolzendahl, Catherine; Gracheva, Ksenia

Reversing gender policy progress: patterns of backsliding in Central and Eastern European new democracies 
Authors: Roggeband, Conny; Krizsán, Andrea

Gender, ownership and engagement during the European Union referendum: gendered frames and the reproduction of binaries 
Authors: Guerrina, Roberta; Exadaktylos, Theofanis; Guerra, Simona

The intersectional politics of bullshit 
Author: O'Dwyer, Muireann

Policy & Politics

Read the introduction to this themed collection by Digital Associate Editor, Oscar Berglund, on the Policy & Politics blog.

The effects of economic crises on participatory democracy
Authors: Alarcón, Pau; Galais, Carol; Font, Joan; Smith, Graham

Can the governance paradigm survive the rise of populism?
Author: Stoker, Gerry

Austerity in the making: reconfiguring social policy through social impact bonds
Authors: Joy, Meghan; Shields, John

Low-pay sectors, earnings mobility and economic policy in the UK
Authors: Lee, Neil; Green, Anne; Sissons, Paul

Local governance under austerity: hybrid organisations and hybrid officers
Authors: Pill, Madeleine; Guarneros-Meza, Valeria

Depoliticising austerity: narratives of the Portuguese debt crisis 2011–15
Author: Standring, Adam

Superdiversity in the post-industrial city: a comparative analysis of backlash narratives in six European neighbourhoods
Author: Jensen, Ole

What ever happened to asset-based welfare? Shifting approaches to housing wealth and welfare security
Authors: Ronald, Richard; Lennartz, Christian; Kadi, Justin