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European Journal of Politics and Gender Student Reading List

It is usually exciting to start a new academic year and in these challenging times we are thinking of you even more than usual.

We wanted to offer you something meaningful, to give you extra strength and energy for engaging with gender, sexuality, intersectionality and politics.

Physical access to your university libraries is not always easy these days, so maybe you would fancy free access to a sample of our recent articles specially curated for you?

Since we launched the European Journal of Politics and Gender (EJPG), editing a scholarly production that is attractive and informative for students has been a top priority for us. You are the future of gender, sexuality and intersectionality research.

EJPG is committed to publishing agenda-setting research on politics and gender that reflects the theoretical, methodological and epistemological diversity of the discipline. EJPG provides a space for dialogue across the broad spectrum of politics and gender research. We are indebted to the pioneering work of political scientists in Europe and elsewhere whose rigorous research and collective organising made sure that the study of politics and gender is no longer a sideshow in European political science. Politics is about power and power is gendered.

We have selected four themes:

The urgent need for decolonialising the curriculum and working towards achieving the good profession

Setting the agenda, moving  research forward

Gender, elections and power

Dynamics of intersectional inequalities and opposition to the equality project

Click on the themes and let us talk you through our selection. Each theme contains a selection of free articles and an explanation of why we have chosen it for you. A number of the introductions in each theme are reproduced from EJPG editorials published in issue 1:1-2 and issue 1:3. We hope you will enjoy reading the articles as much as we have.

All our best wishes for the new academic year,

EJPG Editors

Any theme you would like to see addressed in EJPG in the future?

This was only a selection of our EJPG articles. You are more than welcome to explore EJPG further. We have interesting articles in our inaugural double issue and in our Special Issue about European crises and threats to gender+ equality. We have made these free access just for you until 31 of December 2020

Read the inaugural double issue

Read the Special Issue about European crises and threats to gender+ equality

Learn more about the European Journal of Politics and Gender

Last but not least: if you see any pressing, urgent or timely themes that are missing in EJPG, do get in touch with us and let us know about the areas you think we should investigate further. We cannot wait to hear your thoughts and suggestions! Editors very often need their readers to show them the way.

Thank you for your interest in EJPG, we hope you will find something of interest for you here. As we said, you are our readers of the future and we have high hopes for you!

In these challenging circumstances, we wish all the very best for the new academic year from the bottom of our editor hearts.

P.S: If you like our selection of articles, please send us a picture of your favourite animal to editors@ejpg-journal.com. You can also let us know which articles you like best!

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