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Food and Society

Series Editors: Michael K. Goodman, University of Reading, UK and David Goodman, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA

“This series offers books at the cutting edge of current thinking about food systems from critical multidisciplinary and multinational perspectives. Essential reading!” Marion Nestle, New York University

“Food is an invaluable lens to study the nexus of culture, society and science at the global to local level. This timely series sheds light on the myriad disciplines working to make the food system more just and sustainable.” Dawn King, Brown University

"This series brings a much-needed focus on society to the growing field of food studies. Such critical assessments will be crucial for informing more sustainable, just and inclusive food systems." Philip H. Howard, Michigan State University

“This series will be vital to the field of Food Studies, identifying and addressing the big questions and conceptual issues that make food such a potent focus across disciplines.” Megan Elias, Boston University

Food and Society: New Directions takes an interdisciplinary and integrative approach to food studies. Authors will undertake critical assessments of key topics, controversies and thematic trends across all aspects of food systems and their diverse geographies in order to map out research agendas that bring cutting-edge perspectives to the study of food. The research monographs and edited collections in this series will be distinguished by outstanding scholarship presented in an accessible style. Cumulatively, these appraisals will create an indispensable library for researchers and food studies courses across the social sciences.

The series welcomes proposals which are:

  • Authored or edited and between 60,000 to 80,000 words;
  • Grounded in contemporary scholarship but also seek to extend debate and critique in food studies;
  • Theoretically innovative and/or empirically rich;
  • Seeking to shape the future of more sustainable, just and inclusive food systems.

Possible research topics include but are not confined to:

  • Food movements
  • Global food price inflation
  • Digitalisation and agri-food concentration
  • Food poverty in post-industrial economies
  • Food justice
  • Ethnicity and food
  • Food consumption and sustainability
  • Food and the body
  • Food ethics
  • Food and media

If you wish to submit a proposal or discuss ideas for publication in the series, please contact the series editors:

Michael Goodman (m.k.goodman@reading.ac.uk) and David Goodman (hatters@ucsc.edu)

Forthcoming titles

Title: How to Eat Together
Subtitle: Hospitality, Commensality, Conviviality
Author: David Bell
Expected: June 2026

Editorial advisory board

Alison Alkon, University of the Pacific, US
Jane Battersby
, University of Cape Town, South Africa
David Bell
, University of Leeds, UK
Amy Bentley
, New York University, US
Charlotte Biltekoff
, University of California, Davis, US
Garrett Broad
, Rowan University, US
Hugh Campbell
, University of Otago, New Zealand
Michael Carolan
, Colorado State University, US
Jennifer Clapp
, University of Waterloo, Canada
Melanie DuPuis
, Pace University, US
Ulrich Ermann
, University of Graz, Austria
David Evans
, University of Bristol, UK
Eva Giraud
, University of Sheffield, UK
Cristina Grasseni
, Leiden University, The Netherlands
Julie Guthman
, University of California, Santa Cruz, US
Lewis Holloway
, University of Hull, UK
Phil Howard
, Michigan State University, US
Peter Jackson
, University of Sheffield, UK
Josée Johnston
, University of Toronto, Canada
Moya Kneafsey
, University of Coventry, UK
Claire Lamine, INRAE Ecodéveloppement, France
Melissa Leach
, University of Sussex, UK
Jonatan Leer
, Aalborg University, Denmark
Charles Levkoe
, Lakehead University, Canada
Tania Lewis
, RMIT University, Australia
Stewart Lockie
, James Cook University, Australia
Deborah Lupton
, University of New South Wales, Australia
Andrew MacGregor
, Macquarie University, Australia
Tom MacMillan
, Royal Agricultural University, UK
Damien Maye
, University of Gloucestershire, UK
Maywa Montenegro
, University of California, Santa Cruz, US
Ana Moragues Faus
, University of Barcelona, Spain
Fabio Parasecoli
, New York University, US
Raj Patel
, University of Texas, Austin, US
Michelle Phillipov
, University of Adelaide, Australia
Stefano Ponte
, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Emma Roe
, University of Exeter, UK
Colin Sage
, Independent Research Scholar, Portugal
Josh Sbicca
, Colorado State University, US
Sergio Schneider
, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Alexandra Sexton
, University of Sheffield, UK
Emma Sharp
, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Annie Shattuck
, Indiana University, US
Neil Stephens, University of Birmingham, UK
Ana Tominc
, Queen Margaret University Edinburgh, UK
Amy Trauger
, University of Georgia, US
Amy Trubek
, University of Vermont, US
John Wilkinson
, Universidade Rural de Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Han Wiskerke
, Wageningen University, The Netherlands