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How will work change in the future? Is the technology takeover inevitable? What will the social cost be?

The new Futures of Work blog offers radical and critical thinking on ongoing and emerging issues associated with work and employment.

Produced by Bristol University Press in collaboration with a multidisciplinary editorial team at the University of Bristol, the blog hosts long-form opinion pieces, responses and thought-provoking podcasts.

The editorial team is led by Harry Pitts, Katie Bales and Huw Thomas (below, left to right). If you are interested in finding out more and contributing to the blog please contact paul.stevens@bristol.ac.uk. You can also sign up to the newsletter to get all the latest updates.

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“Futures of Work offers an opportunity for radical scholars to engage with the world of work as it is and could be.” Paul Thompson, University of Stirling and Covenor of the International Labour Process Conference

“It's great to see an effort to think seriously about the future of work, and how we can make sure it delivers fairer, more sustainable and better paid work for everyone.” Kate Bell, Trades Union Congress

"The University of Bristol is producing cutting-edge research on the nature, governance and politics of work, taking a critical, innovative and practically-applied approach epitomised by Futures of Work." Bridget Anderson, University of Bristol