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International Labour Process Conference 2021 series highlights

Below we have highlighted our current Business and Management series.

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If you’re interested in writing for one of our series, you can find out more about how to submit a proposal on each individual series page. Click on the ‘find out more’ links below. 

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Organizations and Activism

This new series publishes books that explore how politics happens within and because of organizations. The books in the series explore how activism is organized, and how activists change organizations. Find out more.

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Feminist Perspectives on Work and Organization

Launched in 2020, Feminist Perspectives on Work and Organization series will publish books that explore a range of issues around feminism, feminist theory and philosophy, and intersectional and decolonial feminist approaches applied to various contexts of formal and informal work and organization. Find out more.

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Observing Organizations

This series will publish interdisciplinary books that employ observation to explore organizations. This is a deliberately broad scope because the series is open to the broadest understandings of both what constitutes ethnography and what forms organizing takes. Find out more.

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Rethinking Work, Ageing and Retirement

Rethinking Work, Ageing and Retirement is an exciting new multidisciplinary series that will bring together researchers from a range of fields including management and organisational studies, gerontology, sociology, psychology and social policy, to explore the impact of extended working lives on older people and organisations. Find out more.

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Understanding Work and Employment Relations

Published in association with the British Universities Industrial Relations Association (BUIRA), Understanding Work and Employment Relations series will publish ground-breaking scholarly work that highlights the latest research and commentary in this important field. Find out more.

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Alternatives to Capitalism

This ground-breaking new series will advance the international, comparative and interdisciplinary study of capitalism and its alternatives in the 21st century. Find out more.

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Quantified Societies and Selves

The recent surge of research on metrics, quantification, algorithmic calculation and data reflects a social and historical moment where machines and humans appear on the brink of convergence and/or battle. Books in the Quantified Societies and Selves series will examine the power relations that emerge in this context. Find out more.

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