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For us, making a difference is about more than metrics, it's about change on the ground through publishing work that addresses issues that affect individuals' day-to-day lives. Just as importantly, it's about changing minds by encouraging debate, challenging the status quo and shifting perspectives.

Case studies

Authors, scholarship and moments that have mattered... here are just some examples of our publishing that have made a difference to policy and practice.

Developing pioneering ideas in partnership: The BSG and Policy Press
Social Policy Association: Why promoting social policy research is more important than ever
Re-imagining Child Protection: Towards Humane Social Work with Families 
The Trojan Horse Affair – the long road to challenging narratives and injustice in Britain
The Class Ceiling
 author advises No 10 on social mobility policy
White Privilege
author is key contributor in international debate on racism
Countering Extremism in British Schools? The Truth about the Birmingham Trojan Horse Affair

Women of Power

Journal of Poverty and Social Justice and the UN report on poverty and human rights
The Story of Baby P
Lande: The Calais 'Jungle' and Beyond
Getting By
Hunger Pains
The New Working Class
Repealing the 8th
Journal of Poverty and Social Justice and Universal Credit
Good Times, Bad Times
Re-imagining Child Protection
Studies in Poverty, Inequality and Social Exclusion

We don't just want people to read our content but to really engage with it – intellectually, emotionally and practically. We can advise you on maximising impact to the intended audience right from your initial inquiry or submission through the complete life of the publication.


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