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Interprofessional education and training

By John Carpenter and Helen Dickinson


May 7, 2008

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Policy Press
Interprofessional education and training

As inter-agency working has grown increasingly important within UK public services, inter-professional education (IPE) has been perceived as a solution to a number of the practical difficulties associated with this way of working. Particularly, IPE is regarded as crucial within areas such as safe guarding children, community mental health services, older people's services and services for disabled children where the quality of care needs to be delivered by seamless multi-professional teams.

Written by leading specialists in the field, this book provides a thorough introduction to IPE in health and social care, examining the issues in detail and providing much needed practical advice. The authors summarise recent trends in policy, establish what we can learn from research and practice and provides readers with an essential set of IPE 'do's and don'ts'. It will be a core text for undergraduate and post-qualifying interprofessional students on health and social care courses, as well a students of nursing, social work, social policy and medicine.

"(Carpenter and Dickinson) provide an introduction grounded in experience, evidence and scholarship with helpful pointers to dependable sources for further reading." International Journal of Integrated Care, Vol 8, 2008.

"Never has there been a more pressing need for a succinct, accessible and dependable guide to interprofessional education. John Carpenter and Helen Dickinson respond. Practical throughout, their cogent critique builds on best practice, reinforced by emerging evidence and theory, as they challenge their reader to be no less rigorous in reviewing their performance in commissioning, designing, delivering and evaluating interprofessional education programmes. Well reasoned recommendations focus on much yet to be done." Hugh Barr, President, CAIPE (The UK Centre for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education

John Carpenter is Professor of Social Work and Applied Social Science at the University of Bristol, UK, where 25 years ago he designed, ran and evaluated one of the first pre-qualifying programmes of interprofessional education in England. He has since completed comprehensive, longitudinal evaluations of the outcomes of postqualifying interprofessional education in mental health. His current research includes evaluating the outcomes of interprofessional and interagency training for safeguarding children (child protection).

Helen Dickinson is a researcher at the Health Services Management Centre, with an interest in evaluating the outcomes of health and social care partnerships. Recent research and consultancy work include producing research-based but accessible discussion papers for funders such as the Wanless Review of the funding of adult social care, the NHS Institute and the Care Services Improvement Partnership.

Introduction; What is interprofessional education and why does it matter?; What does research tell us?; Hot topics and emerging issues; Useful frameworks and concepts; Recommendations for policy and practice.