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Health and Care in Later Life Collection 

With the number of people aged over 60 tripling since 1950, and the combined senior and geriatric population projected to reach 2.1 billion by 2050, the world's ageing population is creating many new challenges. This collection of articles explores some of these challenges. The collection features research into the health and quality of life of older people and examines the individuals and institutions who are caring for them.

To mark International day of Older Persons and the start of the UN’s Decade of healthy ageing we have made this collection free to read until 31 October.

The Health and Care in Later Life Collection features research from:

International Journal of Care and Caring

Re-conceptualising the political subject: the importance of age for care theory
Monique Lanoix

Need for age- and memory-friendly housing environments is urgent!
Erja Rappe 

Caring for older people: relational narratives of attentiveness, commitment and acceptance
Mary Breheny, Barbara Horrell and Christine Stephens

Struggles for Recognition and Redistribution: Family Carers and Domestic Workers in Spanish Eldercare
Elin Peterson

In-Between-Carer: Towards a New Type of Elder Care Worker? The Example of Polish Migrant Care Workers in Germany
Patrycja Kniejska

The availability of carers for older disabled people in Spain: demographic insights and policy implications
Celia Fernández-Carro, Rosa Gómez-Redondo and Noelia Cámara-Izquierdo

Associations between care network types and psychological well-being among Dutch older adults
Marjolein Broese van Groenou

“You have got to get off your backside; otherwise, you’ll never get out”: older male carers’ experiences of loneliness and social isolation [Open Access]
Paul Willis, Alex Vickery and Jon Symonds

The positive effects of caring for family carers of older adults: a scoping review
Alex Pysklywec et al.

Balancing dementia family carers’ rights to online supports with the rights of people with dementia to absolute privacy
Liam O’Sullivan et al.

Responses to vulnerability: care ethics and the technologisation of eldercare
Antti Hämäläinen

From the special issue Cross-cultural contexts of eldercare and caring: theory, research and policy
Editorial introduction: Cross-cultural contexts of eldercare and caring: theory, research and policy
Ruth Katz and Ariela Lowenstein

Ambivalence, families and care
Karl Pillemer, Jill J. Suitor and Andrés Losada Baltar

Applying the convoy model to support in care situations
Toni C. Antonucci

What would I want? Dementia perspectives and priorities among people with dementia, family carers and service professionals [Open Access]
Irja Haapala, Ashley Carr and Simon Biggs

Eldercare in transition(s): the special case of Russia
Irina Grigoryeva, and Alexandre Sidorenko

Exploring intergenerational, intra-generational and transnational patterns of family caring in minority ethnic communities: the example of England and Wales [Open Access]
Christina R Victor et al.

Implications of the use of migrant care work and web-based services on family caregivers' health
Lamura Giovanni et al.

The intersection of formal and informal care for older people in a multicultural society: the case of two adult day-care centres in Northern Israel
Dafna Halperin

Representing the 'older end user'? Challenging the role of social scientists in the field of 'active and assisted living'
Vera Gallistl and Anna Wanka

Knowledge mobilisation: National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly (NICE)
Lynn Mcdonald

Emotions and Society 

Fortunate and fearful: emotions evoked by home-care policies for older people in Ireland
Luciana Lolich and Virpi Timonen

Families, Relationships and Societies 

Care for older people in multigenerational families: a life course analysis across four generations
Catherine Powell

Have I really retired? Reflections on a working life, and after
Will Guy

Yang sheng, care and changing family relations in China: about a ‘left-behind’ mother’s diet
Xiaodong Lin

Voluntary Sector Review 

In what ways can an age-friendly approach to co-production transfer power to participants? Translating ideology into practice
Anna Goulding

Formal versus informal volunteering and wellbeing: does volunteering type matter for older adults?
Allison R. Russell et al.

Journal of Poverty and Social Justice 

The impact of defamilisation measures on gender and pensions: a comparison between the UK and seven other European countries
Liam Foster, Ruby Chau and Sam Yu

Social exclusion factors influencing life satisfaction among older adults
Joonyup Lee and John G Cagle

Policy & Politics

Does the marketisation of pensions lead to individualisation? An examination of family-related pension entitlements

Longitudinal and Life Course Studies

Preventing interview falsifications during fieldwork in the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE)
Michael Bergmann, Karin Schuller and Frederic Malter

Explaining disparities in BMI trajectories among older adults: a test of the double jeopardy and intersectionality hypotheses
Hui Liew

Life-course social class is associated with later-life diabetes prevalence in women: evidence from the Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing
Siobhan Leahy et al.