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Emotions and Society and ESA RN11 Best Paper Award 2020

In collaboration with ESA Emotions Research Network (RN11), Emotions and Society introduced an award for Best Paper at the ESA-Midterm-Conference of RN 11, 25th-27th of November 2020. Every presenter could nominate one of the papers presented at the 9th Midterm-Conference on Emotions. The jury to choose the best paper consisted of editors Mary Holmes and Åsa Wettergren, joined by RN11 coordinator Yvonne Albrecht and RN11 board member Natàlia Cantó Milà.

The winner of the Best Paper Award and the 300 euro prize provided by RN11 was Yvonne Wechuli (University of Cologne) for her paper ‘Between Cripping and Reclaiming. Epistemological implications for Disability Studies’. After mentoring from the journal editors and peer-reviewing this paper will be published in Emotions and Society. Two other papers were considered of high quality and after mentoring from Yvonne and Natalia, these will be submitted to the journal for peer-review.

The runners up were Gözde Cöbek (Koç University) for her paper on ‘What affect proposes: Swiping as a bodily practice’ and Rotem Leshem and Rakefet Sela-Sheffy (Tel Aviv University) for their paper: ‘Affect, ethnic boundaries and social mobility. Transforming identities in the acculturation of Ashkenazi immigrants in Israel’. This was a successful endeavour, with the winners all early in their careers, so likely to benefit from this recognition and mentoring support. We are hoping to offer another award at the next midterm in 2022.