Policy Press

Publishing with Purpose

Special issue competition

EJPG welcomes proposals for special issues by 15 January 2020. Interested parties will be requested to send a proposal of no more than 5 pages.

      Proposals should include:

      • A title, clearly reflecting the content of the proposed special issue;
      • A rationale: justification of the topic, description of the theme, coherence and overall contribution;
      • Elaboration of how the issue fits within EJPG (see our aims and scope);
      • A provisional table of contents;
      • A detailed timetable for the review process;
      • Abstracts of a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 10 papers (500 words max) including a clear question, approach/methods and the main take home message/finding/key contribution;
      • Bio notes (200 words max) of all authors;
      • Bio notes (250 words max) of the guest editors – including past editorial experience.

This is a competitive process and only one special issue will be selected per year.

Selected guest editors will communicate with the authors and the EJPG editors. Guest editors will be expected to ensure the quality of the papers and the overall coherence of the issue. Additionally, guest editors will ensure that all authors respect the timeline for submission and revisions as agreed with the EJPG editors.

The review process will be handled by the EJPG editors to ensure a rigorous double-blind referee process. Papers that do not meet the quality standards of the journal will not be published. It is therefore advisable to include at the very least one surplus paper. If not enough papers pass the review stage, EJPG editors reserve the right to cancel the special issue and offer the possibility of publishing the accepted papers as a themed section or as individual research articles instead.

The editorial team will decide by mid-February 2020 which, if any, of the proposals should be accepted. Proposals and any questions should be sent to ejpgeditors@gmail.com.