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About the journal

Gender and Justice is an international and transdisciplinary journal dedicated to advancing critical feminist scholarship on justice in the social sciences, and from different methodological perspectives. 

The journal aims to showcase innovative contributions that are theoretically-driven and/or empirically-grounded approaches to various forms of gender inequality, injustice and exclusion which influence and shape individuals' lives across diverse and global contexts. The editors’ conception of justice is comprehensive. It encompasses economic, social, criminal, distributive, environmental, cultural and political dimensions.   

Gender and Justice seeks articles that treat gender, sexuality and justice as entwined rather than discrete processes in social relations. The journal is committed to pushing the boundaries of knowledge in these domains, disseminating cutting-edge research that not only addresses existing issues but also raises fresh inquiries, and advocates for ground-breaking approaches to both the theory and practice of social scientific research. In particular, the journal will welcome articles that introduce and advance new conceptual and creative methodological approaches to research and practice relative to gender justice, and that can advance knowledge and inform activism. 

The Gender and Justice editorial team looks towards a more hopeful future. We are focused on generating critical debates to consider what a feminist conception of justice can mean in terms of society, and in terms of developing and enriching critical feminist/gender/queer and social theory. 

Gender and Justice champions world-leading research from authors in–but not limited to–the following disciplines: 

  •      Sociology 
  •      Criminology 
  •      Socio-legal studies 
  •      Gender studies, 
  •      Queer studies, 
  •      Economics, 
  •      Human geography, 
  •      Ethnography and 
  •      Anthropology.


In addition, the editors support research that incorporates aspects of the humanities and the arts into research and practice.