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Understanding the Politics of Fear: COVID-19, Crises and Democracy

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Crisis communication and crisis management during COVID-19
Ruth Wodak 

Fear and the importance of race-based data in COVID-19 policy implementation
Leland Harper

The collective disorientation of the COVID-19 crisis
Pablo Fernández Velasco, Bastien Perroy, and Roberto Casati

Orientation, disorientation, reorientation: a reply to Fernández Velasco, Perroy and Casati
Marcella Schmidt di Friedberg

Disorientation, Distrust, and the Pandemic
Matthew Ratcliffe 

Obedience in times of COVID-19 pandemics: a renewed governmentality of unease?
Didier Bigo, Elspeth Guild and Elif Mendos Ku┼čkonmaz

Lockdown: a case study in how to lose trust and undermine compliance
Paul Faulkner

Lockdown, breakdown and trust: a reply to Paul Faulkner
Philip Pettit

Nozick, the pandemic and fear: a contractualist justification of the COVID-19 lockdown
Elias Moser

Castration anxiety, COVID-19 and the extremist right
Claudia Leeb

A reply to Castration anxiety, COVID-19 and the extremist right by Claudia Leeb
Noëlle McAfee

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