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Editors' Choice

The following Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice Editors' Choice articles are free to access until 31 Jan 2020:

The violence trap: a political-economic approach to the problems of development
Authors: Cox, Gary W.; North, Douglass C.; Weingast, Barry R.

Term limits and state budgets 
Authors: Holcombe, Randall G.; Gmeiner, Robert J.

Benjamin Constant: his debts towards Adam Smith 
Author: Infantino, Lorenzo

The chairman's solution 
Author: Hebert, David J.

James M. Buchanan: from Chicago to Virginia and Knight's influence on Buchanan 
Authors: Forte, Francesco; Brady, Gordon L.

A theory of self-governance: de facto constitutions as filters 
Authors: Salter, Alexander William; Callais, Justin

See also: Volume 33, Number 1, April 2018 our free sample issue.

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