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Policy Life Cycle Collection

Enjoy this free collection of articles exploring the different phases of the policy life cycle and the factors that influence the success or failure of evidence based-policy. Read the collection for free until 31 December.

The Policy Life Cycle Collection features research from:

Policy & Politics, a top ten journal in public administration
Evidence & Policy, the first journal dedicated to critical assessment of the relationship between researchers, evidence and the concerns of policy makers and practitioners

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Policy & Politics 

From the Special Issue: Practical lessons from policy theories
Guest edited by Christopher M Weible and Paul Cairney

Practical lessons from policy theories
Christopher M Weible, and Paul Cairney

Three habits of successful policy entrepreneurs
Paul Cairney 

Narratives as tools for influencing policy change
Deserai Crow and Michael Jones

Using cultural theory to navigate the policy process
Richard Simmons

The lessons of policy learning: types, triggers, hindrances and pathologies
Claire A Dunlop and  Claudio M  Radaelli

Practical prescriptions for governing fragmented governments
William L Swann and  Seo Young Kim

Drawing practical lessons from punctuated equilibrium theory
Chris Koski and Samuel Workman

Policy design and the added-value of the institutional analysis development framework
Tanya Heikkila and Krister Andersson

Why advocacy coalitions matter and practical insights about them
Christopher M Weible and Karin Ingold

More from Policy and Politics 

The Role of Middle Managers in the Implementation of National Public Policy
Simon Cooper and Martin Kitchener

How can better monitoring, reporting and evaluation standards advance behavioural public policy?
Sarah Cotterill, Peter John, and Marie Johnston

Framing unpopular policies and creating policy winners: the role of heresthetics
Joseph Drew and Glenn Fahey

What motivates street-level bureaucrats to implement the reforms of elected politicians?
Don S. Lee and Soonae Park

A behavioural model of heuristics and biases in frontline policy implementation
Alice Moseley and Eva Thomann

Policy design and the added-value of the institutional analysis development framework
Tanya Heikkila and Krister Andersson

Evidence & Policy 

How much evidence is in evidence-based policymaking: a case study of an expert group of the European Commission
Jean Philippe Pierre Décieux

Analysing use of evidence in public policymaking processes: a theory-grounded content analysis methodology
Itzhak Yanovitzky and Matthew Weber

Evaluations that fail: nasty emails, small samples and tenuous futures
Amy Cox Hall

Measuring collaboration and communication to increase implementation of evidence-based practices: the cultural exchange inventory
Lawrence A. Palinkas et al.

Important implementation constructs for federal agencies in health and human service settings that are selecting, monitoring, and supporting grantees
Allison Dymnicki et al.

Implementation of shared decision-making in healthcare policy and practice: a complex adaptive systems perspective
Sarah Munro et al.

Improving the enabling environment for evidence-informed policymaking: an example from Indonesia
Elisabeth Jackson, Arnaldo Pellini, and Budiati Prasetiamartati

Walking the (argumentative) talk using citizen science: involving young people in a critical policy analysis of vaccination policy in Austria
Katharina T. Paul and Thomas Palfinger 

Evaluation outcomes of a knowledge translation platform: a structure for support and exchange in prevention
Tahna Lee Pettman et al.

Bridging the research‐policy gap: the importance of effective identity leadership and shared commitment
Frank Mols, Jennifer Bell and Brian Head

Understanding, negotiating and navigating the politicisation of evidence-based policy research: the case of Irish research on lone parent labour market activation policy
Michelle Millar, Rosemary Crosse, and John Canavan

Building the concept of research impact literacy
Julie Elizabeth Bayley and David Phipps 

Causal thinking for embedded, integrated implementation research
Kirsten Kainz and Allison Metz

Pathways to policy impact: a new approach for planning and evidencing research impact
Mark S. Reed, Rosalind Bryce, and  Ruth Machen

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Policy & Politics
: A world-leading political science journal

Policy & Politics
is now ranked in the top ten international journals in Public Administration and in the top twenty in Political Science according to the Journal Citation Reports. The journal’s Impact Factor of 3.069 confirms its position as a world-leading publication, committed to advancing our understanding of the dynamics of policy-making and implementation. 

Policy & Politics is delighted to announce a new editorial team from January 2021. The new team, who will co-lead the journal, comprises Dr Oscar Berglund (University of Bristol, UK), Professor Claire Dunlop (University of Exeter, UK) and Professor Chris Weible (University of Colorado, US).

Learn more about our new editors and their vision for the journal. 

New Editorial Team

Dr Oscar Berglund 

University of Bristol, UK

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Professor Claire Dunlop

University of Exeter, UK

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Professor Chris Weible 

University of Colorado, US

Evidence & Policy 

Evidence & Policy is the first peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the comprehensive and critical assessment of the relationship between researchers and the evidence they produce and the concerns of policymakers and practitioners.

International in scope and interdisciplinary in focus, it addresses the needs of those who develop public policies, provide public services, or provide the research base for evaluation and development across a wide range of social and public policy issues and those who are working to connect the two (such as knowledge brokers).

What people are saying about Evidence & Policy:

"It is crucial to understand how the use of solid evidence can improve policy advice, and improve professional service delivery practices. Evidence & Policy stepped boldly into this emerging field a decade ago, and helped define the issues, advance understandings, and improve professional practices. I look forward to the next 10 years, and beyond, as it helps to shape the future of the field." Professor Brian Head FASSA, ARC Professorial Fellow, Institute for Social Science Research & School of Political Science, The University of Queensland, Australia