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Recent research on poverty

The collection of articles below on the themes of poverty and social policy, child poverty, lone mother poverty, and food poverty were made free to access throughout the month of October 2018 to mark the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on 17 October.

Poverty and social policy

Twenty years post US welfare reform and state family caps aka child exclusion: an overdue assessment
Authors: Romero, Diana; Agénor, Madina

No Recourse to Public Funds', insecure immigration status and destitution: the role of social work?
Author: Farmer, Natalia Jane

Welfare conditionality, benefit sanctions and homelessness in the UK: ending the 'something for nothing culture' or punishing the poor?
Author: Reeve, Kesia

Child poverty

Let's stop feeding the risk monster: towards a social model of 'child protection'
Authors: Featherstone, Brid; Gupta, Anna; Morris, Kate; Warner, Joanne

Exploring child poverty and inequality in post-apartheid South Africa: a multidimensional perspective
Authors: Omotoso, Kehinde Oluwaseun; Koch, Steven F.

Children in jobless households across Europe: evidence on the association with medium- and long-term outcomes
Authors: Macmillan, Lindsey; Gregg, Paul; Jerrim, John; Shure, Nikki

Inter-state differences in caste-specific risks for child deprivation in India
Authors: Ekbrand, Hans; Nandy, Shailen

Talking heresy about 'quality' early childhood education and care for children in poverty
Authors: Simpson, Donald; Loughran, Sandra; Lumsden, Eunice; Mazzocco, Philip; McDowall Clarke, Rory; Winterbottom, Christian

Lone mother poverty

The potential of child support to reduce lone mother poverty: comparing population survey data in Australia and the UK
Authors: Skinner, Christine; Cook, Kay; Sinclair, Sarah

Coping with hard times: the role that support networks play for lone mother families in times of economic crisis and government austerity
Author: Canton, James

Food poverty

Taking stock of the ambiguous role of foodbanks in the fight against poverty
Author: Ghys, Tuur

Is there evidence of households making a heat or eat trade off in the UK?
Authors: Snell, Carolyn; Lambie-Mumford, Hannah; Thomson, Harriet

"We're not a bottomless pit": food banks' capacity to sustainably meet increasing demand
Author: Iafrati, Steve

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