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Social Policy article collection

Free to access in July 2018:

The collection of articles below on the themes of social justice, families and evidence use in policy is free to access throughout July to mark the Social Policy Association Annual Conference taking place this month.

Social Justice
Living with and responding to the 'scrounger' narrative in the UK: Exploring everyday strategies of acceptance, resistance and deflection
Author: Patrick, R.

Gamers or victims of the system? Welfare reform, cynical manipulation and vulnerability
Authors: Fletcher, D.R., Flint, J., Batty, E., McNeil, J.

Conceptualising the active welfare subject: welfare reform in discourse, policy and lived experience
Author: Wright, Sharon

Stigma, shame and 'people like us': An ethnographic study of foodbank use in the UK
Author: Garthwaite, K.

The sustainability of food bank provision: What happens when demand outstrips supply?
Author: Iafrati, S.

Poverty in Australia since the financial crisis: The role of housing costs, income growth and unemployment
Authors: Saunders, P., Wong, M., Bradbury, B.

The Europeanisation of policy to address poverty under the new economic governance: The contribution of the European Semester
Author: Urquijo, L.G.

A tale of two states? A comparative study of cross-sector collaboration in children's services and flood risk management
Authors: Jacklin-Jarvis, Carol; Potter, Karen

LGBT∗ageing in the UK: Spatial inequalities in older age housing/care provision
Author:  Westwood, S.

Segmented journeys, fragmented lives: women's forced migration to escape domestic violence
Author: Bowstead, Janet Christine

Prostitution in (and out of) policy on violence against women and girls in the UK
Author: Coy, Maddy

Assessment of work ability in competing strands of social insurance: The German case
Authors:  Aurich-Beerheide, P., Brussig, M.

Does sanctioning disabled claimants of unemployment insurance increase labour market inactivity? An analysis of 346 British local authorities between 2009 and 2014
Author: Reeves, A.

Working-class discourses of politics, policy and health: 'I don't smoke; I don't drink. The only thing wrong with me is my health'
Authors: Mackenzie, Mhairi; Collins, Chik; Connolly, John; Doyle, Mick; McCartney, Gerry

There is an alternative: homines curans and the limits of neoliberalism
Author: Tronto, Joan

Keywords, care and neoliberalism
Author: Garrett, Paul Michael


'Realising the (troubled) family', 'crafting the neoliberal state'
Author: Crossley, Stephen

Poverty and child neglect - the elephant in the room?
Author: Gupta, Anna

Telling different stories about poverty, inequality, child abuse and neglect
Author: Featherstone, Brid

I know I'm a good mum - no one can tell me different. Young mothers negotiating a stigmatised identity through time
Author: Wenham, Aniela

Identifying the key components of a 'whole family' intervention for families experiencing domestic violence and abuse
Authors: Stanley, Nicky; Humphreys, Cathy

Family care work: a policy-relevant research agenda
Authors: Moen, Phyllis; DePasquale, Nicole

House, home and transforming energy in a cold climate
Authors: Webb, Janette; Hawkey, David; McCrone, David; Tingey, Margaret

Evidence use in policy
Evidence translation: an exploration of policy makers' use of evidence
Authors: Ingold, Jo; Monaghan, Mark

The 'good governance' of evidence in health policy
Authors: Hawkins, Benjamin; Parkhurst, Justin

Generating 'good enough' evidence for co-production
Authors: Durose, Catherine; Needham, Catherine; Mangan, Catherine; Rees, James

The role of the Sheffield model on the minimum unit pricing of alcohol debate: the importance of a rhetorical perspective
Authors: Katikireddi, Srinivasa Vittal; Hilton, Shona; Bond, Lyndal

Policy learning and policy failure: definitions, dimensions and intersections
Author: Dunlop, Claire A.

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