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Social Work Collection

This year we are marking World Social Work day with a collection of articles on social work's role in strengthening social solidarity and global connectedness. 

Critical and Radical Social Work 
Families, Relationships and Societies 
International Journal of Care and Caring 

Critical and Radical Social Work 

The special issue: Revolutionary social work: Promoting sustainable justice  
Guest Edited by Masoud Kamali & Jessica H. Jönsson

Collective endeavours: finding community, love and hope
Margaret S. Malloch

Trajectories of social justice within social stratification: towards a Bourdieusian reading of social class for social workers
Susan Flynn

COVID-19: changing fields of social work practice with children and young people
Joanne Dillon, Ffion Evans, and Lauren Elizabeth Wroe 

We Are Here: undocumented migrants and activism as resistance
Jenny Kronman and Jessica H. Jönsson

Social work in the face of collapse
David John Kenkel

Social working without borders: challenging privatisation and complicity with the hostile environment
Lauren Wroe

Revolution in the everyday: using Gramsci to inspire hope and change with social workers
Alex Withers

Neoliberalism, austerity and social work with children and families: challenges and critical/radical possibilities
Steve Rogowski

Emancipatory societal projects for Latin America: a critical commitment for the reconceptualisation of Social Work at Universidad Católica de Valparaíso School of Social Work
Leticia Arancibia Martínez and Gloria Cáceres Julio

Coming of age? On the professionalisation of social work in Israeli-Arab society in the new millennium
Ibrahim Mahajne and Arnon Alexander Bar-On 

Porcelain ethics: a critical linguistic analysis of the treatment of race in the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics
Joshua R. Gregory

Families, Relationships and Societies

From genograms to peer group mapping: introducing peer relationships into social work assessment and intervention
Carlene Firmin

Disguised compliance or undisguised nonsense? A critical discourse analysis of compliance and resistance in social work practice
Jadwiga Leigh,  Liz Beddoe and Emily Keddell

Fostering ‘digital citizens’ in Norway: experiences of migrant mothers
Heidi Esma Dahl Bønnhoff

Knowledge generation and former carers: reflections and ways forward
Mary Larkin and  Alisoun Milne 

International Journal of Care and Caring 

Care ethics thinks the political
Sophie Bourgault and Fiona Robinson 

Devoted work without limits? Activities and premises of home visit work at the margins of community care
Kirsi Juhila, Cecilia Hansen Löfstrand, and Suvi Raitakari 

Theorising care: attentive interaction or distributive justice?
Elisabeth Conradi

Near and far, with heart and hands: care work in the context of refugee settlement in Canada
Lindsay Larios