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Key Issues in Social Justice

Series Editors: Kalwant Bhopal, University of Birmingham, Martin Myers, University of Nottingham, Karl Kitching, University of Birmingham and Kenzo Sung, Rowan University

This new book series critically explores how issues of social justice, inclusion and equity shape modern day society. The series does so by delivering a forum for perspectives from historically marginalised and minoritised communities to challenge contemporary dominant discourses about social justice, inclusion and equity in the social sciences and aligned disciplines.

The titles in the series will be accessible monographs which will publish on broad topics, underpinned by research and theory, written clearly and accessibly.

Watch the series launch.

Call for proposals

The editors welcome books from a wide range of different disciplines and research areas. The series seeks to showcase work that:

  • Shows how social justice, inclusion and equity shape modern day society
  • Gives voice to marginalised communities
  • Places a spotlight on the work of under-represented groups
  • Challenges hegemonic narratives that underpin western discourses about how best to reach a socially just society
  • Are written from those who are from marginalised communities themselves.

If you would like to discuss a proposal, please direct your email to the Series Editor: Kalwant Bhopal.

Editorial Advisory Board

  • Rowena Arshad - University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Rebecca Cox - Simon Fraser University, Canada
  • Jessica Gerrard - University of Melbourne, Australia
  • David Gillborn - University of Birmingham, UK
  • Soo Hong - Wellesley College, US
  • Felix Maringe - University of Witwatersrand, South Africa
  • Rory McDaid - Marino Institute of Education, Ireland
  • Maxine McKinney de Royston - University of Wisconsin-Madison, US
  • Michelle Pidgeon - Simon Fraser University, Canada
  • Arathi Sriprakash - University of Cambridge, UK
  • Lavinia Stan - St Francis Xavier University, Canada