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Aug 18, 2016

New Editor(s) sought for the Journal of Poverty and Social Justice

New Editor(s) sought for the Journal of Poverty and Social Justice

The Editorial Board of the Journal of Poverty and Social Justice (JPSJ) invites applications for the editorship of the journal to run for a period of 5 years from January 2017 to December 2021. It is hoped that the newly appointed editor/s will work alongside the current ones from November 2016 or earlier if possible.

The Journal of Poverty and Social Justice provides a unique blend of high-quality research, policy and practice from leading authors in the field related to all aspects of poverty and social justice.
The journal is published by Policy Press at the University of Bristol, is one of the leading social policy journals in the UK and is changing fast. More information about the journal can be found here.

Applications are invited from either individuals or co-editors where at least one applicant is based in the UK. International co-editors are particularly welcomed, or proposals by applicants to work with JPSJ Regional International Editor(s) (suggested roles, to be finalised and filled by Board members).

This is an exciting opportunity to help shape and develop the journal over the coming 5 years. The Editorial Board work closely together, are very supportive and meet twice a year to help to inform the future content of the journal. It is a working board, with individuals taking on particular roles for delivering additional content in specific sections of the Journal (Research Highlights, Policy and Practice and Book Reviews), and all members being prepared to review commissioned articles for special issues or themed sections in particular.

Applications should address the following questions:

What you can bring to the journal in terms of your experience of working on other journals, your areas of relevant expertise and why you feel you meet the requirements of the role. How you will plan to consolidate and increase JPSJ's growing international presence and ensure the high quality of articles published to achieve an impressive ISI and Scopus ranking. Please set out your vision and a clear editorial strategy for the journal to show how you would like to see it develop over the next five years.

If a sole editor, how you propose to manage the workload associated with a busy international journal. If co-editors, how tasks will be divided between, or among, the editors. (Where editors are based in different institutions, it will be important to make clear how the 'team' will function cohesively.)

Interested parties are invited to contact the current editors and/or the Chair of the Editorial Board for more information about the requirements of the role and an informal discussion.
Editors: Tracy Shildrick (T.Shildrick@leeds.ac.uk); Eldin Fahmy (eldin.fahmy@bristol.ac.uk)
Chair of the Editorial Board: Fran Bennett (fran.bennett@spi.ox.ac.uk)

Please also contact Fran Bennett to ask for the job description and person specification for this role, which are not contained in this message.

Applications should be sent by email to Fran Bennett, Chair of the JPSJ Board fran.bennett@spi.ox.ac.uk, no later than 30th September 2016. Please include relevant CV(s).

All applications will be considered by a sub-committee of the Board, with a shortlist being discussed and appointment made in October 2016.
If possible, interviews would be held in central London on 12 October (to coincide with the Editorial Board meeting); alternative arrangements could be made.