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Aug 17, 2021

New Journal Announcement: Consumption and Society

Bristol University Press is pleased to announce an exciting new journal for 2022: Consumption and Society.

Aims and Scope

Consumption and Society publishes high quality, original peer-reviewed articles that advance theoretical and empirical understanding of consumption as a societal phenomenon. Consumption and Society addresses consumption in its social, cultural, symbolic, economic, political and material dimensions. The journal welcomes theoretical, methodological and empirical contributions to the study of consumption in relation to a wide range of topics, such as: environmental and social sustainability; political and ethical consumption; gender; religion; social movements; food and eating; energy and material resource consumption; mobility; tourism; music; the arts; fashion; embodiment; health; and technology, among others. Diverse methodological and theoretical approaches to studying consumption are welcome.

Consumption and Society is affiliated with the European Sociological Association's Research Network on Sociology of Consumption (ESA RN5) and the Sustainable Consumption Research & Action Initiative (SCORAI) Europe, as well as the British Sociological Association’s Consumption Study Group. A key feature of the journal will be to reflect the pluralism of these networks. While anchored in the sociological tradition, the journal seeks submissions from across the diverse, interdisciplinary field of consumption studies. We seek submissions from social sciences and the humanities, including geography, sociology, anthropology, cultural and communication studies, gender studies, political science, history, and environmental social sciences such as ecological economics and political ecology.

The early field of consumption studies was a touchstone for major debates on macro-social change, around issues such as globalisation and aestheticization. Following in this tradition, Consumption and Society aims to renew the relevance of consumption studies for the global social challenges of the 21st Century. The journal contributes to societal debates on contested aspects of consumption in relation to contemporary consumer societies, such as the climate crisis, inequality, and digitalisation. Consumption and Society aims to bring the lens of consumption to cutting-edge contemporary debates around issues such as race, ethnicity and decolonisation, the Anthropocene, care, surveillance capitalism, platform economies and political populism. This reflects an understanding of consumption as embedded in wider socio-economic and cultural configurations and intrinsically related to issues of social and environmental justice, as well as normative notions such as prosperity and wellbeing.

The journal encourages novel research agendas through Special Issues and Special Sections, and diverse formats of contributions such as Book Review Essays, Book Symposia and Key Word Essays, and welcomes innovation in the field through other, novel formats.

Editorial team

The journal is led by Co-Editors, Dr Marlyne Sahakian (University of Geneva, Switzerland), Dr Daniel Welch (University of Manchester, UK) and Professor Stefan Wahlen (University of Giessen, Germany). The international editorial advisory board will be announced soon.

Call for Papers

Be among the first to publish in Consumption and Society. Our first issues will be published in August and November 2022, and the editors welcome submissions.

If you have an idea for an article please contact the Editors for information on how to submit:

Marlyne Sahakian marlyne.sahakian@unige.ch
Daniel Welch Daniel.Welch@manchester.ac.uk
Stefan Wahlen stefan.wahlen@uni-giessen.de