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Apr 5, 2023

New Journal Announcement: Journal of Global Ageing

Policy Press is pleased to announce an exciting new journal for 2024 published in association with the British Society of Gerontology: Journal of Global Ageing.

Aims and Scope

The Journal of Global Ageing (JoGA) is a transdisciplinary journal which is committed to advancing our understanding of the global processes of ageing. Our aim is to create a space for the ageing research community around the world to communicate new ideas, findings, perspectives and research directions from all world regions. However, we invite authors to critically consider whether the nation-state is the natural social, cultural and/or political form in the modern world. Hence, we are particularly interested in publishing work arising from studies that reach beyond the nation-state and explore other geographies, such as the local/translocal/glocal, regional and global.

JoGA welcomes the submission of research and review articles, debates and brief reports. We seek to publish contributions that examine ageing and later life from all regions of the world. We welcome country- or culture-specific studies that do not necessarily include international comparisons as long as such contributions help us better understand ageing in a global context. Many of the issues facing older adults are ‘wicked problems’ that require inter/multidisciplinary approaches. This becomes even more apparent when we shift our lens from the nation-state to the global context, e.g. the impact of climate change on older adults. Hence, JoGA is open to submissions from the social sciences, humanities, development studies, environmental, natural, health, material and public health sciences. In particular, we are keen to encourage submissions from disciplines/fields that are currently under-represented in gerontology, e.g. environmental science, development theory, material science and design. JoGA does not privilege any theoretical perspective or methodological approach. However, all empirical papers must have robust methods. All published articles undergo a double-anonymous peer review process.

Editorial team

The editorial team is led by Dr Martin Hyde (Swansea University, UK) and includes Regional Liaisons and an Editorial College. 

The Editorial College members will be announced shortly, and Regional Liaisons confirmed to date include:
Dr Arun Balachandran (Central and Southern Asia), Dr Natasha Fothergill-Misbah (Sub-Saharan Africa), Dr Stephanie Hatzifilalithis (North America), Dr Wendy Martin (Europe), Dr Brad Meisner (North America), Dr Nekehia Quashie (Latin America and the Caribbean), Dr Andy Towers (Asia and Pacific).

Call for Papers

Be among the first to publish in Journal of Global Ageing. Our first issue will be published in early Summer 2024 and the editors welcome submissions.

If you have an idea for an article please contact the Editors for information on how to submit: joga-editorial@bristol.ac.uk.