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Perspectives on Law and Access to Justice

Series Editors: Jess Mant, Monash University, Australia and Daniel Newman, Cardiff University, UK

In recent years, there has been an increasing global interest in issues of access to justice and how these issues relate to our increasingly unequal societies.

The concept of ‘access to justice’ (the protection of the law that enables citizens to enforce their rights) is far from new; however, it is often approached from a range of different perspectives, methodologies and disciplines. This new series will provide a home for scholarship which explores issues of access to justice. It will draw connections between research from different disciplines of law, such as civil and criminal law, family law, housing law, immigration law and social welfare law.

The series will forge a coherent field of access to justice scholarship; facilitating a multifaceted critique of the key issues, and incorporating a diverse range of perspectives that will shape the future directions of this emerging field.

The audience for this series is academics, law students, practitioners and policymakers with an interest in access to justice.

Call for Proposals

Expressions of interest and proposal ideas are welcome.

Each book in the series should address at least one of the following five key themes:

  • interaction with the institutions of justice - analysing how litigants and lay people experience government agencies, advice services, tribunals and court;
  • legal need - measuring and understanding what support is required from and within legal systems;
  • political intervention - determining the impact of economic, social and other policy measures on access to justice;
  • the legal profession - furthering knowledge on the lawyer-client relationship and the changing role of lawyers, and;
  • theories of access to justice - innovations in conceptualising peoples’ ability to enforce their rights and obtain legal remedies.

If you would like to submit a proposal, or to discuss ideas, please contact the series editors, Jess Mant (Jessica.Mant@Monash.edu) and Daniel Newman (NewmanDC@cardiff.ac.uk).

International Advisory Board

Chris Cunneen, University of Technology, Sydney
Kim Economides
, Flinders University
Diogo Esteves, Fluminense Federal University
Asher Flynn, Monash University
Andrew Francis, Manchester Metropolitan University
Sue James, Legal Action Group
Jacqui Kinghan, Newcastle University
Amanda Kool, Harvard University
Mavis Maclean, Oxford University
Grainne McKeever, Ulster University
Alan Paterson, University of Strathclyde
Lauren Sudeall, Georgia State University
Jo Wilding, University of Brighton