Peter Kraftl

Peter Kraftl is Professor of Human Geography at the University of Leicester, UK. He is the author of four books and over 50 journal articles and book chapters about children's geographies, education, and geographies of architecture. He is an editor of Children's Geographies journal.


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Critical Geographies of Childhood and Youth

Contemporary Policy and Practice

This original book explores the importance of geographical processes for policies and professional practices related to childhood and youth. Contributors from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds explore how concepts such as place, scale, mobility and boundary-making are important for policies and practices in diverse contexts.

Policy Press

Geographies of Alternative Education

Diverse Learning Spaces for Children and Young People

This book offers a comparative analysis of alternative education in the UK, focusing on learning spaces that cater for children and young people. It constitutes one of the first book-length explorations of alternative learning spaces outside mainstream education.

Policy Press