Policy Press


Jun 22, 2016

Policy Press 20th anniversary – interview with the original ‘dream team’

Tonight we’ll be celebrating 20 years of Policy Press at our party with many people from the past, present and future of Policy Press.

To get the spirit of nostalgia just right for the day we interviewed three Policy Pressers who’ve been part of the organisation from its basement beginnings – Ann Moore, Sales Manager (now retired), Dave Worth, Production Manager and Julia Mortimer, Assistant Director – to find out what they remember from way back when and how times have changed…


1) What was your first day at Policy Press like?
Dave: I never really had a first day at PP as I kind of was always around before it formed. And I can’t remember anyway!

Ann: I had been working at the School for Advanced Urban Studies (SAUS) on a part-time basis before becoming the Policy Press Publishing Assistant, so on my first day the staff were familiar but the work wasn’t. We processed and dispatched book, journal and report orders direct from the basement office – so I was the first contact for our customers and authors – from day one!

Julia: I started work at Policy Press’ predecessor SAUS publications on the day that everyone else had left to go on holiday so it was rather a baptism of fire! It was all fine though!

2) What did you love about the Press and your jobs in the first few years and how have things changed since then?