Policy Press


Jul 18, 2016

Policy Press books referenced in House of Lords debate

Baroness Ruth Lister quoted from Kayleigh Garthwaite's book Hunger Pains in a Lords debate on talking the causes of poverty in the UK on 14 July.

"An ethnographic study of a food banks that I helped to launch recently puts flesh on these abstract arguments. The author, Kayleigh Garthwaite ... witnessed the shame and humiliation that they felt at having to go to a food bank to meet their most basic needs."

In the same debate Lord Archy Kirkwood referenced Good Times, Bad Times, by John Hills:

"The noble Lord is, I think, in danger of falling foul of one of the myths to which Professor John Hills referred in his excellent book Good Times, Bad Times—namely, that those in dependency are all the same people all the time, and it is a question of “them over there” who are in dependency and “us over here” who are paying the taxes."

See www.theyworkforyou.com for the full transcript of the dabate.