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Public Sociology As Educational Practice

Challenges, Dialogues and Counter-Publics

Edited by Eurig Scandrett


14 Sep 2020

Page count

280 pages


Public Sociology




234 x 156 mm


Bristol University Press
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14 Sep 2020

Page count

280 pages


Public Sociology





Bristol University Press
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  • Public Sociology As Educational Practice

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    Leading academics take a distinctive new approach to the understanding of public sociology education in this perceptive new resource. Through pedagogical case studies and inter-contributor dialogues, they develop and challenge thinking in the field.

    Divided into three sections on the publics, special knowledges and practices of public sociology education, it looks beyond the boundaries of academia to deliver fresh responses to key disciplinary questions including the purposes and targets of sociological knowledge.

    For students, academics and practitioners across sociology, it is a timely and thought-provoking contribution to debate about public sociology education.

    "Eurig Scandrett and colleagues bring critically important insights from public sociology and transformative education to our understanding of knowledge democracy." Budd Hall, University of Victoria

    "An innovative and extremely engaging collection of critical dialogues, this is a must-read for sociologists, educationalists and community and social movement activists alike." Marjorie Mayo, Goldsmiths, University of London

    “A provocative dialogical appreciation for public sociology as praxis for contemporary labour politics. Politically stimulating and accessible, this book is a valuable contribution to critical sociology and popular education.” Dip Kapoor, University of Alberta

    Eurig Scandrett is Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader in Public Sociology at Queen Margaret University, and Vice President of University and College Union Scotland.

    Introduction ~ Eurig Scandrett

    Section 1 ~ Publics

    Provocation I: Class, Gender and Identity: Axes of Structure and Difference in Subaltern Counter-Publics ~ Eurig Scandrett

    Mad peoples’ history and identity: education in the construction of mad studies ~ Elaine Ballantyne, Kirsten Maclean, Shirley-anne Collie, Liz Deeming and Esther Fraser

    ‘Seeing things differently’: gender justice and counter-hegemony in higher education ~

    Lesley Orr and Nel Whiting

    Domestic abuse survivors: public sociology and the risks of speaking out ~ Julie Young

    A Public Sociology for Post-industrial Fife ~ Paul Gilfillan

    Public Sociology and the invisibility of class ~ Eurig Scandrett

    Dialogue I ~ Eurig Scandrett and Paul Gilfillan

    Section 2 ~ Knowledge

    Provocation II: ‘Really Useful’ public sociology knowledge ~ Eurig Scandrett

    Crossing the Quadrant: Policy Research and Public Sociology ~ Jan Law

    Convergences between public sociology, feminist theory and the praxis for refugee and asylum-seeking integration in Scotland ~ Laura Lovin

    Young people, alcohol, dialogical methods ~ Emma Wood

    Knowledge generated through participatory research with children ~ Maria Giatsi Clausen

    English Last: Displaced Publics and Communicating Multilingually as Social Act and Art ~ Alison Phipps, Tawona Sitholé, Naa Densua Tordzro and Gameli Tordzro

    The Construction, Role And Influence Of ‘Public Knowledge’ Within Community Planning Partnerships ~ Marion Ellison

    Dialogue II ~ Eurig Scandrett, Marion Ellison and Laura Lovin

    Section 3 ~ Practices

    Provocation III: Public Sociology Practices, Privatising Universities ~ Eurig Scandrett

    Precarity as an existential phenomenon within a post-industrial labour market ~ Phil Mignot and Ricky Gee

    Student – Public – Sociologist: On dialogue with our first public, and in widening access to higher education ~ Karl Johnson

    Experts by experience: Art, identity and the sociological imagination ~ John Docherty-Hughes, Elaine Addington, David Bradley, Linda Brookhouse. Jenny Bunting, Lorna Cosh, John Dane, Robert Lindsay and Christine Raffaelli

    Community engagement: cultivating critical awareness ~ Jim Crowther and Mae Shaw

    Reflections on five years of critical service learning: is it critical or are we social justice dreamers? ~ Sharon Hutchings and Andrea Lyons Lewis

    Trade unionism as collective education ~ Lena Wånggren

    Dialogue III ~ Eurig Scandrett, Jim Crowther, Sharon Hutchings, Karl Johnson, Mae Shaw, Lena Wånggren

    Conclusion ~ Eurig Scandrett