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Our vision is to create and disseminate critically acclaimed, evidence-based work that has the potential to make a difference in the world. Over the past two decades we have built a reputation dedicated to that vision.

Now with major investment from the University of Bristol, we are excited to establish Bristol University Press, where we have set our sights on publishing great scholarship that addresses the global social challenges and broader social science issues that face the world community today.

Impeccable author care

“Policy Press took me just as seriously when I was a beginning academic as they do today”

Salvatore Babones, University of Sydney

Reading over our author testimonials below you will get a strong sense of how committed we are to nurturing our authors and partners. We know that it is in these successful, authentic partnerships that our shared vision to make a difference can be made reality. You are at the very heart of what we do and why we do it.

Our publishing commitment

Our publishing commitment puts authors and readers at the heart of what we do, and our author service is central to the way we work. Publishing with us offers you:

  • Flexibility: we publish across an unrivalled choice of formats including monographs, textbooks, journals, policy and practice guides, shorts, scholarly trade titles and digital resources.

  • Impact: we believe that an author’s work can shift understanding, reframe debates, change communities and organisations for the better and help to improve people’s lives. We work closely with our authors to ensure their work gains the full impact it deserves.

  • Reach: our books are regularly reviewed and featured across journals, broadsheets, radio, television and political magazines. We have 15,000 sales accounts in over 60 countries worldwide with a dynamic marketing programme and impressive social media reach.

  • Affordability: we offer a range of pricing because we value dissemination over profit. All our books are also available as paperback-priced eBooks from initial publication.

  • Quality: we ensure high editorial and production standards with a rigorous two-stage peer review process, and no editorial work is sent ‘offshore’.

  • Speed: we offer fast turnaround times and have an in-house team who can make things happen quickly, so you get the flexibility and speed to market you want.


Bristol University Press and Policy Press – what’s the difference as an author?

Policy Press – publishing with a purpose

"Time and again Policy Press has published provocative and profound books on the vital topics of our day. Their recent authors include some of the most trenchant contemporary commentators and thinkers on matters of social justice. We need publishers like this."

Melissa Benn, writer, journalist and campaigner 

For over 20 years, Policy Press has published bold, award-winning books and journals in the social sciences. With a reputation for knowing how to get impactful research into the hands of those who are in positions of influence, Policy Press focuses on publishing rigorously researched work that aims to improve the lives of the people that need it most.

Now as an imprint of Bristol University Press, Policy Press returns to its roots with a focus on understanding social problems, promoting social change and informing policy and practice.   It retains its commitment to publishing outstanding work in social policy and aligned fields underpinned by the principles of social justice.

Bristol University Press – tackling global social challenges

“We are delighted to invest in the future of The Press and to expand its remit to encompass a broader range of scholarship of the highest quality” 

Hugh Brady, Vice-Chancellor and President, University of Bristol

Bristol University Press takes on a broader list of traditional university press disciplines, including law, economics, business and management, sociology and politics, underpinned by the same values and vision that Policy Press holds at its core: to create and disseminate widely the highest quality academic scholarship.

Bristol University Press publishes original research that addresses global social challenges. It aims to ignite critical thinking and reframe perspectives, as well as offering solutions and alternatives. We are particularly open to new and emerging ideas, and approaches and interdisciplinary work that extends scholarly boundaries.

Bristol University Press and Policy Press are part of one not-for-profit press, which is underpinned by a strong ethos that furthers ideals such as global diversity and equality.

What people say about us:

“The launch of Bristol University Press is a great opportunity to grow the Policy Press model of intensive author engagement and service, one which sees all its books as unique and sets the highest standards.”

Danny Dorling, Professor of Geography at Oxford University, author of Injustice

"Working with Policy Press is a delight - there's none of that alienating handing over the production process to nameless faces far away. The team at Policy is efficient, helpful, and ready to understand authors' little (and big) problems and dramas. Most of all they are a team, and to be part of that collaborative working is a real pleasure."

Ann Oakley, author of Father and daughter

"A fine academic press."

Professor Noam Chomsky

"It's never been less than an honour to feature the hugely important work of Policy Press in these pages. I'm in their debt."

Karen Shook, former Books Editor of the Times Higher Education

"As writer and editor of, or contributor to, Policy Press books, I have always been impressed by the efficient and supportive service they provide;  as an academic criminologist I am increasingly amazed by the increasing scope of their publication list as it constantly pushes the boundaries of searching critical and applied analysis; as a reader I am never disappointed by the diligence shown in the writing and production quality of the books themselves. Policy Press makes a major contribution to the applied policy sciences, I don't know where we'd be without them."

Peter Squires Professor of Criminology & Public Policy, University of Brighton; President: British Society of Criminology, 2015-2018

"I found the Policy Press team highly professional, dedicated, visionary and very sympathetic as an author. Also on the ball with social media and other communications. All in all, terrific to work with."

Lord Peter Hain, former MP, author of Back to the future of socialism

"If I had the money, I'd establish a press like this in every part of America. Major houses are great, but it's places like these that publish the work that matters most."

Linda Tirado, author of Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America (Berkley Books 2015)

"Staff at Policy Press are enthusiastic about new ideas, extremely efficient and helpful. Their procedures are rigorous in terms of peer review yet work in partnership with their authors. Policy Press as an organisation is exceptional."

Sheila Peace, President, British Society of Gerontology, author of Adult lives

"I am proud to write for Policy Press because of their ethical stance and commitment to social justice. Their friendly, helpful, responsive approach makes them a pleasure to work with. I am particularly happy that my work is helping to build this socially aware non-profit organisation rather than contributing to shareholders' dividends."

Helen Kara, researcher, teacher and author of Creative research methods in the social sciences

"As the Guardian's social policy editor, I was well aware of how far ahead of its rivals the Policy Press had surged. As a client I have been equally impressed. From hard back to updated paper back they remained enthusiastic, committed and quick to respond to the tumultous tide that engulfed Murdoch's empire in the wake of the hacking scandal. Thank you."

Malcom Dean, author of Democracy under attack

"With their important mission to widen the influence of big ideas to promote real political change, Policy Press has continually pushed to connect a high standard of scholarship with a much broader readership."

Richard Wilkinson, author of The spirit level: Why equality is better for everyone (Penguin 2010)

"It is a privilege to work with a publisher that aims to make a difference rather than a profit."

Tania de St Croix, Kings College London, author of Grassroots youth work