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Rapid Responses

Social issues regularly arise that need social commentary interventions responding swiftly to events to influence thinking, research, policy and practice.

Our new Rapid Responses - 20-40k words long, digital-only and published just seven weeks from submission - aim to do just that, allowing authors to make a timely impact and influence thinking on current affairs. To achieve this short turnaround our Rapid Responses follow a bespoke process to help get this important research and commentary out into the world as quickly as possible in EPUB and ePDF formats.

Our current Rapid Responses focus on the COVID-19 pandemic and can also be found in our COVID-19 Collection which also includes longer titles and a range of print formats as well as these digital only works.

Rapid Responses will be written by international academics, policy makers and professionals, charity sector workers and activists to inspire and motivate by presenting alternative paths for social change.

If you are researching the pandemic and think your work would be a good fit, please get in touch with the Commissioning Editor for your subject area. If you think your work would benefit from a longer form, or a physical publication, you may be interested in our COVID-19 Collection.

Our Rapid Responses are also available on our Amazon Store.


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COVID-19 and Risk

Policy Making in a Global Pandemic

Drawing on case studies from the UK, China, Japan, New Zealand and the US this text explores policy responses to COVID-19 through the lens of risk. The book considers how different countries framed the pandemic, categorised their populations and communicated risk. It also evaluates the role of the media, conspiracy theories and hindsight.

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