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Ray Jones

Ray Jones is emeritus professor of social work at Kingston University and St George’s, University of London. He has more than 40 years experience as a social worker and has been a director of social services, chief executive of the Social Care Institute for Excellence, and chair of the British Association of Social Workers. He is a frequent media columnist and commentator and the author of six books, including the best selling ‘The Story of Baby P: Setting the Record Straight’ (Policy Press 2014). In 2017 he received the Social Worker of the Year Award for Outstanding Contribution to Social Work.
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In Whose Interest?

The Privatisation of Child Protection and Social Work

What is the social cost of privatising public services? And what effect has the failure of previous privatisations had? This book tells how social work services are now being out-sourced to private companies and how this trend threatens the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable children and disabled adults.

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