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Rowland Atkinson

Rowland Atkinson is Chair in Inclusive Societies, in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Sheffield. His research crosses urban studies, sociology, geography and criminology and looks at different forms of exclusion and inequality. Among other interests his work has focused on questions of wealth and poverty in societies and the often invisible harms generated by social inequality in urban settings. Rowland lead the first study of gated communities in the UK as well as the first key study of the rich in London and continues to work to connect the lives of the affluent to social problems, he is the author of (with Sarah Blandy) Domestic Fortress. Books: Better society
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Building Better Societies

Promoting Social Justice in a World Falling Apart

This book looks at what is needed to prevent the proliferation of harm and the gradual collapse of civil society. A wide range of expert contributors outline what might help to make better societies and which mechanisms, interventions and evidence are needed when we think about a better society.

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Securing an urban renaissance

Crime, community, and British urban policy

This collection adds weight to an emerging argument that policies to make cities better are inextricably linked to an attempt to pacify and regulate crime and disorder. It provides discussions from a range of scholars examining policy connections that can be traced between social, urban and crime policy and the wider processes of regeneration.

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