Ruth Lupton

Ruth Lupton is Professor of Education at The University of Manchester. She researches, writes and teaches about poverty and inequality, particularly in relation to education and neighbourhoods.


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Poverty Street

The dynamics of neighbourhood decline and renewal

Poverty street addresses one of the UK's major social policy concerns: the gap between the poorest neighbourhoods and the rest of the country. It is an account of neighbourhood decline, a portrait of conditions in the most disadvantaged areas and an up-to-date analysis of the impact of the government's neighbourhood renewal policies.

Policy Press

Poverty, wealth and place in Britain, 1968 to 2005

This is the first detailed study of the recent geographical distribution of poverty and wealth in Britain. It presents the most comprehensive estimates of the changing levels of poverty and wealth from the late 1960s.

A free pdf version of this report is available online at

Policy Press

Social Policy in a Cold Climate

Policies and their Consequences since the Crisis

A data-rich, evidence-based analysis of the impact Labour and coalition government policies following the financial crisis, with particular focus on poverty and inequality, by leading policy experts from the LSE, and Universities of Manchester and York.

Policy Press