Sarah Banks

Sarah Banks is Professor in the School of Applied Social Sciences and Co-director, Centre for Social Justice and Community Action, Durham University, UK. She teaches and researches in the fields of community development, professional ethics and participatory action research. She was Coordinator of Imagine North East.


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Co-producing Research

A Community Development Approach

This book shows how community groups can work in partnership with universities to imagine better futures and make them happen, co-producing knowledge to achieve positive change.

Policy Press

Critical community practice

This book provides a challenging approach to understanding community practice.It offers a much-needed theoretical perspective, setting out an analysis of power and empowerment and exploring new ways of understanding active citizenship.

Policy Press


Edited by Sarah Banks

Sarah Banks emphasises the importance of reclaiming professional ethics for social work, and outlines a preliminary framework for a situated ethics of social justice.

Policy Press

Ethics, Equity and Community Development

Drawing on theory and a range of cross-disciplinary and international perspectives, this book examines the place of ethics and ethical practice in community and development across a global spectrum of political, ecological and economic contexts.

Policy Press

Managing Community Practice

Principles, Policies and Programmes

Policy Press

Politics, Power and Community Development

Presenting unique and critical reflections on international policy and practice, this book addresses the global dominance of neoliberalism. It examines the extent to which community development practitioners, activists and programmes can challenge, critique, engage with or resist its influence.

Policy Press