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Security, Strategy, and Military Dynamics in the South China Sea

Cross-National Perspectives

Edited by Gordon Houlden, Scott Romaniuk and Nong Hong


Jul 27, 2021

Page count

288 pages




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Bristol University Press


Jul 27, 2021

Page count

288 pages





Bristol University Press
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    Security, Strategy, and Military Dynamics in the South China Sea

    This collection brings together international experts to provide fresh perspectives on geopolitical concerns in the South China Sea.

    The book considers the interests and security strategies of each of the nations with a claim to ownership and jurisdiction in the Sea. Examining contexts including the region’s natural resources and China’s behaviour, the book also assesses the motivations and approaches of other states in Asia and further afield.

    This is an accessible, even-handed and comprehensive examination of current and future rivalries and challenges in one of the most strategically important and militarized maritime regions of the world.

    “This collection of essays is a valuable contribution respecting the critical reality of military strategy and security in the South China Sea – one of the most ‘dangerous’ areas of the world.” Ted L. McDorman, University of Victoria

    Gordon Houlden is Director of the China Institute and Professor of Political Science at the University of Alberta.

    Scott N. Romaniuk is Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Security Studies at the China Institute, University of Alberta, and Visiting Fellow at the International Centre for Policing and Security, University of South Wales.

    Nong Hong is Executive Director and Senior Fellow of the Institute for China–America Studies, Washington DC.

    Foreword by Stein Tønnesson

    Introduction: Strategic Challenges and Escalating Power Rivalry in the South China Sea - Scott N. Romaniuk and Nong Hong

    1. Between Competition and War: Complex Security Overlay and the South China Sea - Joshua Hastey and Scott N. Romaniuk

    2. The South China Sea as an Echo Chamber of Chinese Foreign and Security Policy - Scott N. Romaniuk and Tobias Burgers

    Part 1: Claimants of the Contested South China Sea

    3. China’s Security Interests and Strategies in the South China Sea - Li Yang

    4. Taiwan’s South China Sea Policy under the Tsai Administration - Yann-huei Song

    5. Vietnam and the East Sea in Its Strategic Thinking -Đỗ Thanh Hải and Nguyễn Thị Linh

    6. The Philippines and the South China Sea Dispute: Duterte’s Hedging Approach with China and the United States - Rommel C. Banlaoi

    7. Competition, Contention, and Cooperation in the South China Sea: The Malaysian Perspective - Sumathy Permal

    Part 2: Non-Claimants in Southeast Asia

    8. A Wary Warrior: Indonesia’s “Soft-Assertiveness” in the South China Sea - Senia Febrica and Scott N. Romaniuk

    9. The South China Sea Dispute: Regional Integration, Status Ad Quem, and Singapore’s Position - Hui-Yi Katherine Tseng

    10. Cambodia’s South China Sea Policy: From ASEAN Aligned to Echoing Chinese Clientism - Veasna Var

    11. ASEAN’s Involvement in the South China Sea Disputes: The Economics-Security Conundrum - Mingjiang Li and YingHui Lee

    Part 3: Quadrilateral Security Dialogue States

    12. The United States and the South China Sea Question - John Callahan

    13. Japan’s Security Interests and Strategies in the South China Sea - Masafumi Iida

    14. Australia’s Geopolitics and the South China Sea - Leszek Buszynski

    15. India and the South China Sea Crucible: Cautious Inclinations of an Extra-Regional “Leading Power” - Sourabh Gupta

    Part 4: Non-Claimants in Europe and Eurasia

    16. Britain’s Pivot to Asia: The Big Picture - Ian Park and Kun-Chin Lin

    17. Balancing and Hedging: The Two Levels of Russia’s Behaviour in the South China Sea - Alexander Korolev

    18. South Korea and the South China Sea: A Middle-Power Model for Practical Policies? - Sukjoon Yoon

    Conclusion: Looking over the Horizon – Prospects for Settlement of the South China Sea Dispute - Gordon Houlden