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Spaces and Practices of Justice

Series Editor: Agatha Herman, Cardiff University

This book series focuses on the intersections between spaces and practices to provide innovative and important interventions on examples of real-world (in)justice.

The geographies of justice are a vibrant and growing area of academic research, which investigates the spatialities of (in)justice and its impacts on practices, relations, discourses and experiences. This book series explores and analyses the exciting nexus offered by a focus on (in)justice for interdisciplinary work and so draws on engagements from across sociology, politics, international relations, urban studies, anthropology, rural studies, cultural studies, criminology, development studies and human geography.

Given the widespread relevance of justice issues, through this book series we aim to communicate original research and thought-provoking reflective commentary to a wide audience. We will therefore bring together established and early career academics to publish original research providing critical and incisive reflection on contemporary issues. Publications might explore food justice, scholar-activism, social movements, gender, sexuality, race, childhood, labour, trade, domestic spaces, environmental relations and consumption to open out different approaches to questions of justice grounded within everyday experiences and spaces.

While we acknowledge that most accounts of justice start with the more readily understandable experiences of injustice the series aims to take a more hopeful sense of the possibilities of justice research through focusing on the spaces and practices through which the ideals of justice - which we position as fairness, equity and equality - are articulated and performed.

The scope of the series will be global, and truly diverse in the range of authors and topics. We will actively pursue researchers undertaking interesting and innovative work across the spectrum of disciplines that engage with the spatialities of justice.

Forthcoming Titles:

Youth, Transitions and Social Justice: Researching Spaces of Social Action edited by Brian McShane and Michael Whelan
Urban Communities and Climate Justice: Insights from Arts-Practice Research by Jenna C. Ashton

Editorial Board:

  • Nicola Ansell, Brunel University
  • Jennifer Balint, University of Melbourne
  • Justin Beaumont, UEA in Norwich in Education and Lifelong Learning.
  • Nick Blomley, Simon Fraser University, Canada
  • Kate Botterill, University of Glasgow
  • Anindita Datta, Delhi University, India
  • Andy Davies, University of Liverpool
  • Gareth Edwards, University of East Anglia
  • Sara Fuller, Macquarie University, Australia
  • Ryan B Holifield, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Peter Hopkins, Newcastle University
  • Joshua Inwood, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Sally Lloyd-Evans, University of Reading
  • Paul Milbourne, Cardiff University
  • Srila Roy, University of Witwatersrand
  • Lorraine Van Blerk, University of Dundee
  • Margaret Walton-Roberts, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada

Proposals are invited for books, edited or authored, which fit into the broad scope of the series. For further information, contact the series editors or Emily Watt, Publisher.