Policy Press


Mar 10, 2022

Statement on the invasion of Ukraine

We are horrified by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and stand in solidarity with the people whose lives are threatened by this war. We strongly condemn the actions of the Russian government whilst appreciating that many Russian citizens also oppose the war.

We will do all we can to support our Ukrainian colleagues and we express our continuing solidarity with all displaced peoples and those suffering under ongoing conflict globally.

Our publishing

The global advancement of scholarly ideas and knowledge is essential to our publishing mission, and we will continue to welcome proposals and submissions from across the world and to publish work based on its scholarly contribution and merit.

Free access to our digital resources for those in Ukraine

In partnership with Research 4 Life (R4L), we have made access to our full journals collection freely available to institutions and non-profit organizations in Ukraine. Research 4 Life currently have 70 institutions registered in Ukraine and are well placed to rapidly deploy access to our content alongside content from other academic publishers. Access will remain free for the rest of 2022.

How to help

There are a range of ways you can donate to support those directly affected by the crisis including the UK Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)’s Humanitarian Appeal, the International Medical CorpUNICEFUNHCR, the Red Cross.