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Current activities

  1. We are currently reviewing our sustainability strategy across the entire range of our emissions (Scope 1, 2 and 3). We are benchmarking 2022 emissions and working to prioritise improvements across the board, and will set a target by which to be carbon net zero.

  2. To help us with our assessment we are using Climate Partner, using their carbon calculator tool as well as receiving guidance on improvements, and as required offsetting.

  3. We are also fully engaged with the University of Bristol Sustainability team and working with them on Scope 1 and 2 emissions as well as validating any initiatives we sign up to.

  4. Whilst we already aim to act as sustainably as possible in all we do the data from the Climate Partner analysis will allow us to identify key areas for improvement, both with regard to size of their impact as well as smaller quick wins.

  5. We are embedding sustainability at the heart of everything we do, including supplier procurement, business processes and our daily behaviours. We will be monitoring our annual performance in order to continue to drive down emissions and will be creating guidelines and performance metrics for use by the staff.

  6. We are involved in the industry-wide initiatives, such as the Publishers Association Sustainability Committee, and will be collaborating to ensure that the industry as a whole continues to move to a more environmentally-friendly footing. This includes sharing our data with the Publishers Association in order for them to produce reports on behalf of the publishing industry.

  7. Aside from our business as usual we are actively looking at opportunities for a paradigm shift for our business that could have a radical and significant impact on our emissions.

  8. We have received University of Bristol Green Impact awards several times with the last Gold awarded in 2020.

  9. Our publishing programme will also reflect our values with regards to Sustainability and Global environmental challenges.


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