Policy Press

Our sustainability commitment

  1. To record and monitor our environmental impact, embedding sustainability into all our business practices.

  2. Reducing our impact by making efficient use of resources including energy and water, minimising waste and increasing recycling and minimising the impact of business travel.

  3. Increasing our publishing on environmental policy and sustainability to push forward debates and contribute to solutions for reducing climate change.

  4. Work with key publishing and service provider groups and the University of Bristol to align goals and influence thinking.

  5. Ensure we are using responsible companies and promote greater awareness and actions on their part.

  6. Raise awareness of environmental issues among staff, authors, customers and suppliers, and actively encourage responsible environmental practice.

  7. Support the needs and preferences of our customers, authors and suppliers as they increasingly prefer to do business with a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable organisation.

  8. Help to attract and retain the best staff as employees look for the commitments to social and environmental responsibility.


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