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The Encyclopedia of Rural Crime

Edited by Alistair Harkness, Jessica Rene Peterson, Matt Bowden, Cassie Pedersen and Joseph Donnermeyer


May 21, 2024

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386 pages




234 x 156 mm


Bristol University Press


Nov 21, 2022

Page count

386 pages




234 x 156 mm


Bristol University Press


Nov 21, 2022

Page count

386 pages




234 x 156 mm


Bristol University Press


Nov 21, 2022

Page count

386 pages




234 x 156 mm


Bristol University Press
The Encyclopedia of Rural Crime

The key reference guide to rural crime and rural justice, this encyclopedia includes 85 concise and informative entries covering rural crime theories, offences and control. It is divided into five complementary sections:

• theories of rural crime;

• rural crime studies;

• rural criminal justice studies;

• rural people and groups;

• rural criminological research.

With contributions from established and emerging international scholars, this authoritative guide offers state-of-the-art synopses of the key issues in rural crime, criminology, offending and victimisation, and both institutional and informal responses to rural crime.

“This encyclopedia provides clear, concise information on a wide range of topics and will be of great benefit to first-time rural criminology researchers, as well as seasoned researchers.” Kreseda Smith, Harper Adams University

"Comprising concise snapshots of developments in rural crime and prevention, this book gives numerous insights into unique aspects of rural criminality and community responses." David Baker, University of New England

Alistair Harkness is Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Co-Director of the Centre for Rural Criminology at the University of New England.

Jessica René Peterson is Assistant Professor in the Criminal Justice Department at Southern Oregon University and is an adjunct Lecturer at the University of New England.

Matt Bowden is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Technological University Dublin and an adjunct Senior Lecturer at the University of New England.

Cassie Pedersen is Lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Federation University Australia.

Joseph F. Donnermeyer is Professor Emeritus in the School of Environment and Natural Resources at The Ohio State University and an adjunct Professor at the University of New England.


Part 1: Theories of Rural Crime

1. Introduction to Part 1 - Matt Bowden

2. Civic Community Theory - Joseph F. Donnermeyer and Matt Bowden

3. Classical Theories and Contemporary Legacies - Joseph F. Donnermeyer

4. Cultural Criminology and Representations of Rural Crime - Karen Hayden

5. Environmental and Green Criminology - Rob White

6. Feminist Theory - Mandy Hall Sanchez

7. Late Modernity, Surveillance and Securitisation - Matt Bowden and Artur Pytlarz

8. Left Realism - James Windle

9. Male Peer Support Theory - Walter DeKeseredy

10. Primary Socialisation Theory - Joseph F. Donnermeyer

11. Rational Choice, Routine Activity and Situational Crime Prevention - Vania Ceccato

12. Safety and Security Studies - Gorazd Meško and Andrej Sotlar

13. The Anthropocene and Criminological Theory - Clifford Shearing, Emiline Smith and Jared Walters

Part 2: Rural Crime Studies

14. Introduction to Part 2 - Joseph F. Donnermeyer and Alistair Harkness

People and Crime

15. Abuse Against Children, the Elderly and Within Families - Sarah Wendt

16. Consumer Fraud - Cassandra Cross

17. Corporate and State Crimes - Victoria E. Collins

18. Cybercrime and Security - Qingli Meng and Joseph F. Donnermeyer

19. Dark Tourism - Jenny Wise

20. Drugs and Public Health - Katinka van de Ven and Natalie Thomas

21. Druge Use and Dependence - Anke Stallwitz

22. Genocide - Hollie Nyseth Nzitatira and Brandon Moore

23. Hate Crime - Rachel Hale and Melina Stewart-North

24. Modern Slavery and Cross-border Transportation of People - Richard Byrne

25. Resource Extraction: Crime impacts - Callie D. Shaw and Rick Ruddell

26. Rogue Farmers- Robert Smith

27. Technology and Interpersonal Violence - Bridget Harris

28. Tourism, Crime and Rurality - Joseph F. Donnermeyer and Alistair Harkness

29. Violence Against Farmers - Anni Hesselink

30. Violence Against Women - Walter S. DeKeseredy

31. Violent Extremism- Rachel Hale

Property and Other

32. Acquisitive Farm Crime - Kyle Mulrooney and Alistair Harkness

33. Animal Rights and Activism - Jarret S. Lovell

34. Blood Sports- Angus Nurse

35. Cross-border Livestock Theft - Willie Clack

36. Drug Cultivation, Manufacture and Movement - Ralph A. Weisheit

37. Food Crime - Allison Gray

38. Heritage Crime - Louise Nicholas

39. Illegal Hunting and Trespass - Alistair Harkness, Kyle Mulrooney and Matthew Box

40. Organised Crime - Robert Smith

41. Trophy and Big Game Hunting - Angus Nurse

42. Water Crimes - Gorazd Meško and Katja Eman

43. Wildfires: Causation and Prevention - Janet Stanley and Belinda Young

44. Wildlife Crime: Trafficking and Poaching - Rob White

Part 3: Rural Criminal Justice Studies

45. Introduction to Part 3 - Jessica René Peterson

Law Enforcement

46. Anti-social Behaviour: Police-community Relationship - Andrew Wooff and Larissa Engelmann

47. Discretion and Informal Sanctions - Jessica René Peterson

48. Law Enforcement Misconduct - John Liederbach, Chloe Ann Wentzlof and Philip Matthew Stinson

49. Police Engagement with Rural Farming Communities - Cameron Whiteside, Ann Brennan and Kyle Mulrooney

50. Policing Rural Small-island Developing States - Danielle Watson and Casandra Harry

51. Policing the Rural Global South - Tariro Mutongwizo

52. Public Order Policing - David Baker

53. Re-assurance Policing in Rural Communities - Larissa Engelmann and Andrew Wooff

54. Rurality, Cultures and Policing - Richard Yarwood

Courts and Corrections

55. Community Corrections - Dawei Zhang, Jessica René Peterson, Alistair Harkness and Joseph F. Donnermeyer

56. Court Reform Challenges in Rural Jurisdictions - Alyssa M. Clark

57. Desistence from Crime - Rachel Hale

58. Informal and Decolonised Alternative Criminal Justice - Zahidul Islam

59. Jails and Prisons - Rick Ruddell

60. Judicial Policies and Procedures - Alyssa M. Clark

61. Populism and Punitiveness - Kyle Mulrooney and Jenny Wise

62. Post-release, Re-entry and Recidivism - Kyle C. Ward

63. Punishment and Rurality - Rosemary Gido

64. Restorative Justice and Therapeutic Jurisprudence - Ziwei Qi

Access to Justice and Responses to Crime

65. Access to Justice - Rachel Hale

66. Access to Legal Representation - Andrew L.B. Davies and Shelby Peck

67. Closure of Law Enforcement Stations - Christian Mouhanna

68. Crime Prevention - Tarah Hodgkinson

69. Technology: The Pros and Cons for Addressing Rural Crime - Jessica René Peterson

Part 4: Rural People and Groups

70. Introduction to Part 4: Cassie Pedersen

71. Anti-government Groups and Militias - Joseph DeLeeuw

72. Indigenous and First Nation Peoples - Juan Tauri

73. LBTIQA+ Identities - Cassie Pedersen

74. Lifestyle and Amenity Migration - Nick Osbaldiston

75. Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs - Mark Lauchs

76. People with Disabilities - Marg Camilleri

77. Rural Enclaves and Minority Groups - Joseph F. Donnermeyer and Cassie Pedersen

78. Rural Folk Crime - Rob White

79. Tropes of Rural Offenders and Victims - Belinda Morrissey and Kristen Davis

80. Working Tourists - Donna James

81. Youth and Youth Subcultures - Matthew D. Moore

Part 5: Rural Criminological Research

82. Introduction to Part 5 - Alistair Harkness and Joseph F. Donnermeyer

83. Africa - Willie Clack and Emmanuel Bunei

84. Antarctica - Rebecca Kaiser and Rob White

85. Asia - Alistair Harkness, Joseph F. Donnermeyer and Qingli Meng

86. Europe - Gorazd Meško and Matt Bowden

87. North America - Denisse Roman Burgos, Rick Ruddell and Joseph F. Donnermeyer

88. Oceania - Alistair Harkness, Kyle Mulrooney and Danielle Watson

89. South America - Vania Ceccato and Monica Perez