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16 May 2018

First Bristol University Press book out today: a message from Head of Commissioning Victoria Pittman

We’re pleased to announce the publication today of Squaring the Circle on Brexit: Could the Norway model work? Written by John Erik Fossum and Hans Petter Graver, it provides the first systematic assessment of the so-called Norway model, suggested as an off-the-shelf option for the UK to ‘square the circle’ after Brexit.

With the House of Lords recently backing calls for the UK to effectively remain in the EU's single market after Brexit, this book from two preeminent Norwegian scholars of politics and law couldn’t be timelier. As one of the first titles publishing at Bristol University Press, we are delighted that it reflects our intention to publish cutting-edge work and topical, important analysis relating to issues of global significance.

This fantastic new title on our Politics and International Relations list will soon be joined by others across the Bristol University Press subject areas so look out for: Comedy and Critique: Stand-up comedy and the professional ethos of laughter by Daniel R. Smith; Law and Society in a Populist Age: Balancing individual rights and the common good by Amitai Etzioni; The Politics of Compassion: Immigration and asylum policy by Ala Sirriyeh (also the first title in our new Global Migration and Social Change series); The Soul of a University: Why excellence is not enough by Chris Brink; and How Language Works in Politics: The impact of vague legislation on policy by Matthew Williams

Collectively these books reflect the exciting pipeline of titles we will be publishing at BUP, across the social sciences and focusing on global social challenges and high-quality scholarship. They cover a range of issues from growing populist movements and the relationship of the law to the citizen in a fast-changing environment to how universities can respond to social challenges and promote positive social change.

We hope you enjoy this taster and look forward to more great books ahead.